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Anyone who has tried and loved the popular acne treatment system Proactiv may be excited to learn of the latest offerings from the brainiacs behind it, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

The new Rodan & Fields skincare line is an expansive collection of anti-aging products and gadgets, some of which you may have only previously seen at an aesthetician’s office. And that’s part of the reason I was so interested to try it. Anything that saves me yet another appointment gets my attention.

The Test

Over the last six weeks I have been testing Rodan & Field’s “Redefine ” system, which is a “regimen for the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness”. It’s made up of a total of 7 products and devices, to be used at different times and days and some of which require maintenance (i.e. cleaning). While I generally do my best to take care of my skin, I tend to stick to a much shorter program and half the time I get lazy.

To stay on track for this test I literally had to keep everything, including the instruction booklets, on my counter at all times. I followed the instructions diligently for all six weeks (and counting).

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt my skin looks more even, feels softer and there has been a reduction in pore size. But the problem with these types of tests is two-fold. One, the improvement is subtle – it’s not like Botox or acne removal – so it’s hard to document (which is why before and after pictures are pointless.) And two, it is impossible to separate other factors which have a major affect on the way skin looks, such as sleep, travel, diet and weather. I guess if I was to stay inside and eat exactly the same diet for six weeks in would be a fairer test, but let’s be realistic. So you will have to rely on my anecdotal feedback.


In terms of each specific product, some I will return to and others, less so.

  • Daily Cleansing Mask – a clay based cleanser which I worried would dry out my skin. But it didn’t. Bottom Line (BL): Liked it.
  • Pore Minimizing Toner – I’ve never bothered with toner but now I’m a convert. It makes a big difference in the cleansing process, which is probably what lead to smaller looking pores. BL: Loved it.
  • Triple Defense Treatment moisturizer – performed like other moisturizers I’ve used. It contains SPF but I’m so sun sensitive (paranoid) I add on a separate and dedicated sunscreen, so I don’t look for it in a moisturizer to begin with. Also, this product doesn’t appear to contain Vitamin C and that is one ingredient I believe is a must. BL: Will go back to my former brand.
  • Overnight Restorative Cream. BL: Liked it, especially in combination with some of the below devices.
  • AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller – at first I found this painful to use and I think I even detected a tiny spec of blood on my skin after the first use. I got more comfortable with it as the weeks went by, but I’m not clear on what it added.                   BL: Undecided.
  • Redefine Night Renewing Capsules. So moisturizing, but one capsule wasn’t enough to cover my face and neck. BL: Loved it.
  • MACRO handheld exfoliator and soothing gel – This is said to be the equivalent of going for a microdermabrasion at your aesthetician’s office, which is something I love to do as it’s the ultimate exfoliator. But it takes time and it gets expensive. While I do believe this handheld model was comparable, it took quite some time to get comfortable with the device and I never felt I did quite as good a job as a professional doing it for me. Another concern is the little pads that you have to change everytime you use it. Once I run out of the supply that came with it, am I really going to send away for new ones? Same goes for the soothing gel pods. I have a feeling this device will wind up collecting dust in the cupboard. BL: Its days are numbered for me.



I do believe that using any quality brand, one would expect to see an improvement with such diligent cleansing, moisurizing and attention. And I’m pretty sure that as with any beauty product, changes last only as long as one continues to use it.

Kristina is also trying these products and will have her own analysis. Given that we have very different skin types, it will be interesting to see how our results compare. Stay tuned!

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