4 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

Friday, 6 February 2015 | Tags: , , , , ,

Google the words "skin care mistakes" and the list of clickable options goes on so long, it's hard to imagine there is anything more to to say on the subject. Especially for someone like me.

I am obsessed with testing every one of the latest promises in a jar and always on a mission to find that perfect balance of what products to use, when, how much and in what order to make my skin look and feel its best. But alas, I have recently discovered a laundry list of things even I haven’t been getting quite right or didn’t know about altogether! Horrors!

First, I needed a lesson on sunscreen application. We’ve all heard you should apply it liberally everyday, even in winter. And after a misbehaved youth, complete with hospital visits due to sunstroke, I finally committed to sun protection. (I once went to an emergency room for what turned out to be a broken hand, but the but the nurse thought I was there for the sunburn on my nose).  Now I could be locked in a movie theatre, but I never forget to slap on the SPF.

What I didn’t know is that to optimize the efficacy of sunscreen, one should not initially rub it all the way in. Rather, it should be applied to the surface of the skin and allowed to absorb on it’s own for a few minutes. I now layer on the sunscreen and leave it there while I brush and floss. By then there is almost nothing left to rub in.

Second, I needed a refresher course on cleanser. Years ago, everything I read advised me to use a “gentle” cleanser. Nothing more. And at the same time I believed that oil based facial products led to breakouts. I thought facial wash was a simple topic and I stopped considering it. Then recently I was given a cleansing mud from the brand Glamglow and immediately noticed a difference in my skin. It was smoother and blemish free. It turns out oil based cleansers are key, especially for those with oily skin. Oil cleans oil.

Next on my product testing list will be a cleansing oil from the Japanese brand Shu Umera. It is said to be the best. Those women in Japan seem to be ahead of the curve on this one.

Third, I haven’t been getting the most out of my moisturizer. Do you ever get out of the shower, towel off, then tweeze your eyebrows and maybe clip your toenails and then realize your face feels tight? That’s because the air has sucked all the moisture from your skin. If you want your moisturizer to do its job (and toner if you use it), it needs to be applied immediately after washing, when your skin is still damp.

And finally, I always believed eye drops are bad for your eyes when used too often. What I didn’t know is there are non-medicated lubricating eye drops on the market as well. During a recent visit to my eye doctor’s office I asked if the industry had gotten anywhere closer to developing a product that would banish veins and make the whites of my eyes whiter.  The older I get the more prominent the veins seem to become. Alas, we’ll be waiting awhile for that wonder product. But the doctor did ask if I ever use non-medicated eye drops as part of my problem veins might be caused from simple dryness.

Non medicated eye drops can be used as often as you like and by golly, a couple of those ugly veins have vanished. An easy fix!

Got a skin care or beauty tip that isn’t widely known? Please share!

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  • Jen

    Hi Anna, I’ve been searching for a good facial SPF…any suggestions?

    • Anna Wallner

      My personal favourite is Skinceuticals SPF 50. It’s super light and has a subtle tint so most days I don’t even bother to add makeup. Whatever brand you choose make sure it is broad spectrum, wear it every day of the year and try to re-apply during the day (that’s the tough part for me)

  • Christina

    Along with Jen, and yourself I am still searching for the right skin regime. Do you have any suggestions on professionals who specialize in this; I am unsure what skin type I have and which products would work best.

    The one thing on my wish list is a professional facial, I would guess then carry a line that they would promote; have you found them to be helpful?

    Jen- I personally love neutrogena anti-wrinkle with SPF 20. It goes on smoothly, and has never caused breakouts/irritation.

  • Anna Wallner

    Christina….What city are you in?

    • Christina

      Hi Anna, I’m near Kelowna in the Okanagan. We are spoiled with multiple spa’s etc.

      • Anna

        Have you been to Sparkling Hills resort? They have an amazing spa!

  • Kathy Venneman

    I have been washing my face with coconut oil and a warm washcloth for years and my skin is never dry. It removes everything including mascara and does not irritate your eyes. I have both of my teenage daughters using the same technique 🙂

    • Nisha Patil

      I’m going to try that!

  • Chris

    Try the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! A lot of people like it better than Shu Uemura because it rinses cleanly and it’s a fraction of the cost.