A vacation in a bottle

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Anna and I are pretty much self-tanner obsessed. She, because she is fair and me, I have more moles and freckles than the Milky Way so I’m constantly being reminded by my dermatologist that I need to stay out of the sun. But I still crave that perfect summer glow.

Over the years, and I mean years, we’ve tested so many tanning products, from the drugstore brands, to the department store ones, to salon sprays. I have finally found one that I love. It’s inexpensive, relatively foolproof to apply, and best of all, it doesn’t smell…much.

My biggest beef with all of these products to date has been the odour.  When the active ingredient in self-tanners, dihydroxyacetone, reacts with your skin, there is a distinctive stench that I can’t abide.  I actually can’t put on self-tanner before bed, because the smell wakes me up at night.  Seriously.  


Jergens has come out with its improved Natural Glow, claiming right on the bottle that it has “no odour.” I was truly skeptical, as I’ve seen this sort of marketing before.  But I put it on and smelled my arm a few hours later, barely anything.  Hallelujah, I can now tan while I sleep!

And if that isn’t a sign of the progress of civilization, I don’t know what is.

It’s one of those moisturizers/self-tanners that you have to apply for a few days running, as it produces colour gradually.  I find it much easier to use than full strength products, with less chance of streakiness.  

The colour isn’t dramatic, so I always buy the medium to tan shade.

Happy tanning!


Dreaming of Punta Cana…

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  • Catherine Bent

    I love the Jergens!