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I love accessories. A hat, scarf, sunglasses, bangles, an ear cuff and I'm a sucker for a good belt - not all at the same time of course. When done well, accessories can cement your getup as solidly fashionable. The right bauble takes you from a plain Betty to a pulled together, sophisticated and maybe even a little glamorous Veronica. So I am currently loving the accessory for the ages: The iPhone case.

After paying hundreds of dollars for this device so many of us reach for first thing in the morning and often in the middle of a sleepless night, we not only need to protect it from drops on the sidewalk but come on, who’s kidding who: The smartphone is our most prized possession. It’s what we’d all run back into the burning building for (why was it off your person in the first place?!) Hopefully you also get the chance to grab the dog.

So it makes perfect sense to treat this extension of our arms as something to be adorned and personalized.

The good news is there are thousands of options for sale (especially online). Many of them for $30 or less. (And of course many for more than that)

When choosing your “case” (hard), “skin” (soft) or slip (like an envelope) there is a vast array of options to reflect your personal style. From the practical (and boring) to the cases that are so tricked out and bulky they won’t fit into an evening bag. It seems the crazier the better these days. And I kind of really love those ones. They’re so ridiculous they’re hilarious. But alas, my name isn’t Miley Cyrus so I do feel the need to hold back a little.


When shopping, make sure the case you choose doesn’t block the camera, volume buttons, microphone or docking jack.  If you plan to change your iPhone accessory with your outfits, you’ll need to test how easy a case is to remove. And finally, consider whether you’ll be embarrassed when your boss sees your Hello Kitty case. Just like your mode of transport and the shoes you wear, people will form an impression. Perhaps different cases for work and play?

Here are a few of my current favourites:




images-13Kristina‘s new case!

If you’ve discovered an awesome new source for iPhone cases please share! My next project will be a skookum slip cover for my iPad…

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