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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My favourite cookbooks change often, but here are three that I go back to again and again.

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  • Magdalena Chrupek

    I have just discovered an interesting vegetarian cookbook ‘Super Natural Every Day’ by Heidi Swanson. However, my favourite one is Peter Berley’s ‘The Flexitarian Table’ – I use it every week!

  • Donna

    Good little segment, I liked hearing about the specific recipes you liked in each book

  • Eugen

    Bourdain’s book is awesome. His Choucroute Garnie is unbelievably good. It is our go-to Christmas dinner, something I’m sure Kristina would appreciate if she reads the ingredients :-). But I’ve not made a bad dish from the book and the commentary and style of writing is awesome. I would note that Bourdain claims that his Choucroute Garnie is for “Four Fat Bastards”. I’ve served 12 people with it and had leftovers. I do not want to meet the four individuals he claims can eat a whole preparation of Choucroute Garnie!

    Sticking to 3 books only I’d pick Jacques Pepin Celebrates as another of my go-to books. Again, every recipe is a winner.

    Finally, I love Julia and Jacques: Cooking At Home. The desserts are great. The differences in their recipes and style are nicely highlighted and explained. And that book contains one of my all-time favourite desserts: the rustic galette. You can use just about any fruit/dry fruit combination and it comes out great. I get asked to make this all the time. Even a professional pastry chef I know just loves this and can’t believe how simple it is. Well worth trying.

  • Annie

    Can you please add captions.

  • Jordan Kawchuk

    I go back to Bourdain and Gweneth often. Bobby only when it’s a special occasion. These are three if my favourites as well. Damn. You have good taste;)

  • Cardamomebanana

    Such good suggestions. I’ve read and read over and over Gwyneth’s book at Indigo, as well as Bobby Flay’s, without being able to commit to buying either of them. Got to go and purchase them. As for myself, my go to books are Anne Willan’s La Varenne Pratique and Baking Illustrated for all things related to baking. As for my favorite French speeking authors, things can’t go wrong with Josee DiStasio’s cookbooks (always simple, fresh and tasty) and Ricardo Larrivée’s magazine and website. Rao’s cookbook is also full of traditionnal italian meals, the way “their mama” used to make it.

  • Melissa

    I Love the Grocery Bag Series – Waiting for more episodes! In the meantime why don’t you and Christina publish your own cookbook filled with favorites from recipes of those you have reviewed. Would be a great seller!

  • Christina Miller

    Do you girls still post on this page? I noticed that most of the comments are 3 to 4 years old. I love your show and I use to watch you on own and it disappeared, I was so Happy to find you again on cable and am recording all episodes! your real your hilarious and I have a blast learning with you! thank you for being honest in the kitchen. I cant believe the food network or the cooking channel have not scooped you up…. Long Live your cooking show !!!!