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While some people change their hair style almost as often as their clothes, others aren't as adventurous. For the more conservative types, there are new products on the market that can help you make a change of hair style a little less intimidating. We try out some clip-in bang extensions to see if they can pass for real fringe.

The Basics

Whether you want to see how you’ll look in bangs without the actual commitment of cutting them, or if you’re trying to grow your bangs out (or even worse, if you’re trying to hide a bad cut), clip-in bangs may be for you.

There are hair extension products made out of both natural human hair and synthetic monofilaments that belnd with real hair. When it comes to natural vs. synthetic, there are a few differences:Styling

  • Natural hair can be styled exactly the same way as you style your own hair.

  • Synthetic hair must be cared for differently. It will melt if exposed to heat and cannot be used with irons or hair dryers. However, heat-friendly synthetic hair claims to be able to stand up to any styling tool your natural hair can.


  • Natural hair should be washed as little as possible; only when it appears dull or begins to smell (after about 3-4 wearings). It should be washed gently with shampoo and conditioner.

  • Synthetic hair should be washed when it appears dull, a little less frequently than natural hair: after about 4-6 wearings. Read the product instructions carefully.


  • Natural hair can be coloured to match your real hair.

  • Synthetic hair cannot be coloured.

Product Life
The life of hair extension products typical depends on the product itself, from 3 months to over 1 year, but doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether it’s natural or synthetic hair. 

Other Considerations

Finding a colour that matches your own hair could be challenging for some. As mentioned above, natural hair can be dyed, but it also typically costs more (a lot more) than synthetic hair products.

Some feedback we’ve heard about bang extension products is that they can be difficult to place properly, meaning that they never look straight. You may want to go with a softer fringe style or side-swept look for your first set in order to get some practice before you go for a straight-across style.

Our Tests 

We shopped around and found an affordable synthetic product by Jessica Simpson.

$28.95 (USD) at Amazon.com  jessicasimpsonbangs
$30.00 (USD) at Zappos.com

Hairdo Clip-In Bangs by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 

Their big selling points are that they’re easy to attach, heat-friendly, and a relatively good price. They come in 9 different shades. The same company also makes human hair extensions, but they retail around $200 each.We had a little trouble matching hair colour, especially Anna’s blonde shade. And we couldn’t get it quite right so we asked hair expert Jon Paul Holt of AvantGarde Hair to come in and give us some tips.He said that since the extensions themselves had so much hair in them (a good thing), we needed to fluff up our own hair around them in order get the extensions to blend in better. He showed us how to back-comb our own hair around the extensions, and pull our natural hair over the extensions so that they looked real. Well, at least Kristina’s looked real. We couldn’t quite get Anna’s to look right because of the shade.While neither of us thought we’d actually wear these extensions out in public (perhaps with some practice), we do think it’s a good way to find out if you really want to make the cut and go with permanent bangs.

Hairdo Clip-In Bangs by Jessica Simpson get the A&K Stamp of Approval.


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