BBQ Sauce

Monday, 27 October 2008

Whatever meat you're cooking on the BBQ, the sauce you choose to slather upon it can either enhance the flavour, or overwhelm it.

The Basics


  • Most have thesame basic ingredients: sugar (or fructose corn syrup substitute),tomato, vinegar and various spices.

  • Sugar is an important ingredient, but it burns easily so apply the sauce toward the end of cooking, and use lower heat.

  • Try to avoid sauces that have ingredient list starting with fructose corn syrup or other sugar substitutes. The body has a harder time metabolizing them than sugar and so they are quicker to turn to fat.

  • If you like that smoky flavour, remember that sauces with artificial smoke as an ingredient have a chemically taste. Look for ones with “natural smoke”.


  • The sauce should stick to the meat, not run off onto your grill.  Runnier sauces just won’t give you the same results. But you want the thickness to be natural; avoid sauces with thickeners and stabilizers that will result in an unpleasant texture.


  • Barbeque sauce can be kept unopened in your pantry years but some experts agree that one year is a reasonable amount of time.

  • Once opened, refrigerate and use within four months.

  • Discard any sauce that has been used for basting.


We tried four different store-boughtbarbeque sauces on some BBQ ribs.

  • Store Brand: 58¢ per 100 grams
  • Kraft: 72¢ per 100 grams
  • Bulls-Eye: $1.01 per 100 grams
  • D.L. Jardines: $1.07 per 100 grams

Our specific tests and results included:

Taste Test

  • Surprisingly the gourmet D.L. Jardines didn’t win over any taste buds

  • Kraft’s sauce won over about 20% of our testers with its full flavour with a bit of a bite.

  • Despite its vinegary taste, the Store Brand was preferred by 25%.

  • Bulls-Eye was preferred by 55% for its traditional taste


We chose Bulls-Eye for its perfect amount of sweetness, zing and natural, smoky flavour, and great consistency for grilling.


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