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As a self-admitted beauty product junkie, I am constantly testing new potions hoping for a miracle in a bottle. Given all that I buy, there is nothing better than finding one that delivers on its promises and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And there are many of those products out there. But sometimes it's pays to pay up. Here's my latest roundup of products that are worth the splurge.

Make up

Celebrity make up artist Charlotte Tilbury has been riding one big wave of publicity since making a splash with her make up line last year. Having tried many of her products I can vouch for it being among the best. And a few weeks ago her newest addition, “Magic Foundation” hit Canadian stores. I gotta say, it’s the best foundation ever. You only need a smidgen, it gives just the right amount of coverage and stays put all day. One caveat: you must layer it with her Magic Cream for “magic” results.

Magic Foundation: $49.00

Magic Cream:$125


Self Tanner

Just in time for Spring I discovered my new favourite from James Read, a brand I’d never tried. Doesn’t streak. Doesn’t clog pores. And this coming from someone who is too lazy to exfoliate before application. This product will deliver the right amount of colour and doesn’t stink too much. (As so many do.)

James Read Overnight Tan for Body: $64

James Read Overnight Tan for Face:$46



Unlike skincare products, I think hair responds best to regular changes in shampoo, conditioning and styling regimes. I go cheap most of the time, especially with shampoo, but every once in awhile I splurge on style products. Sadly my hair can be both dry and  limp, leaving me with limited options. Mousse provides volume but leaves my hair looking downright crispy. Too much oily or creamy product and I look like a drowned rat. Enter Oribe. Two products have recently changed my hair life; moisturizing cream for the ends and a the only mousse I have ever tried that doesn’t make my hair dry for the roots. Worth every penny.

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream: $59

Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse: $46


Pick and choose and try the above products as you see fit. You might be stuck at home eating canned soup for awhile, after spending all your money on beauty products. But you’ll look gorgeous doing it.

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  • ronwhite99

    well all these beauty supplies seem to be working !!!! Gorgeous Lady