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For many of us ladies on the go, streamlining our beauty routine is key to making life just a little easier. We talk to a make-up expert to learn tips on how to go from day make-up to evening make-up with a few flicks of an eyeshadow brush.

We invited a few Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call viewers to the A&K Test Lab to meet JoAnn Fowler, make-up artist to stars like Jennifer Beals and Mia Kirshner, and also creator of chemical-free Sappho Cosmetics. JoAnn shared with us some tips on turning daytime make-up into party-time make-up: your basic goal is to create a more dramatic look for evening by deepening the colour of your overall make-up look. Day-to-Night Makeovers


Our first candidate, Milum, has a medium-brown complexion (e.g. Middle Eastern, East Indian), brown eyes, and black hair.

JoAnn’s Tips:

  • Milum’s skin tone has a yellow base, but she also has some redness that needs to be evened out. We apply a yellow-toned face powder to help even out any excess redness. The yellow in the foundation base also warms up her complexion.

  • To Milum’s cheeks, we add a dash of blush for contour. 

  • To Milum’s eyes, we lightly brush on a sheer black shadow, but only enough to look dark grey.

  • We add eyeliner (using a brush with black shadow) to the tops and bottom of her lids, right at the lash line on the outer half of her eyes.

  • To finish off her eyes, we add some gold to the inner corners, and some very light shimmer to the arch under her eyebrows.

  • To Milum’s lips, we apply a peachy-red lipstick with a shiny gloss to top it off.


Our second candidate, Brenda, has blonde hair, green eyes, and a light reddish skin tone.

JoAnn’s Tips:

  • Someone with Brenda’s colouring can wear pretty much any colour: purples are gorgeous with green eyes.

  • Brenda already has a light shimmery shadow on her daytime eyes, so we add dark purple to the crease, and some thin liquid liner on the outer third of her top eyelid.

  • On her lips we use a pretty tulip pink.

  • We add light pink blush in the same tone as the lips to the apples of her cheeks, and a deeper pink to add some contour to her cheekbones.


Our third candidate, Cheryl, is Black-Canadian with a gorgeous, dark skin tone.

JoAnn’s Tips:

  • Great colours for Cheryl in the evening are oranges and golds, which will warm up her skin tone.

  • On her eyes we add a brush of gold, with a bit of a darker gold shade in the crease of the eyelid.

  • We add quite a bit of dark liner to the tops of her lids. We also add a set of false eyelashes to really glam her up for the party.

  • For Cheryl, we want to stay away from pastels because on her skin tone they will look grey and unflattering.

  • To her lips we apply a really warm, dark, rich red to top things off.

All three of our candidates are now ready to paint the town red. Where should we all go?


Photo of JoAnn, Mia, and Jessica used courtesy of JoAnn Fowler.
Read more about JoAnn’s inspiration for Sappho Cosmetics.


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