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As we launch our new site, we've been calling in favours all over the place. Reaching out to our friends for contributions from different fields and perspectives on everything from food and fashion, to design, travel and relationships. It really does take a village.

And we want you, our beloved TV friends, to be part of our village.  As you cruise through the new site, please tell us what you think.  And let us know what you see in your travels that we need to know about.  Because you can never have too many friends.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when a friendship is born, but it sure isn’t the result of a click on a Facebook page. In our case, it was 1995 and we were sitting in the newsroom where we worked.  It was something of a shark tank in there and hard to know who you could trust (no one).   We were rookies, and in competition for the same assignments.  Amazingly that didn’t stop us from becoming fast friends.  Besties from the get go.  We were both in exactly the same place in life and found an instant common ground.  “You too?  Oh I thought I was the only one!”

Many friendships come and go of course.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing; most friends come together out of similar circumstances, like we did.  Then people move, get married, get divorced, have kids or decide not to. Circumstances change and a lot of friendships fade into the sunset.  As life gets busier and more complicated it feels impossible to keep up with more than a few people at a time and relationships slip away.  That’s life.

But here’s one truth we hold dear:  This life ain’t worth living without at least one friend you can laugh your head off with, hear the truth from, call in the middle of the night and sit in silence with.  We, each of us as individuals, would not be where we are or even who we are without the other’s friendship.  When we went into business together people told us again and again that it would likely end in disaster.  Never Go Into Business With A Friend the naysayers proclaimed!  Well, 17 years later, it’s safe to say we have proven them wrong.  Our entire business is based on our friendship and any success we find stems from absolute trust and loyalty (and learning to check the ego at the door).

In this space we want to share our friendship with you, by dishing out our favourite stuff, places, recipes and ideas.  And we want to hear yours.  After all, that’s what friends do for each other isn’t it?  Here’s to BFFs everywhere.




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  • Katie B

    I think both of you are an inspiration. Not only to women, entrepreneurs, and Canadians but to best friends everywhere!

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com annaandkristina

      Thank you, Katie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/be.cool.3386585 Blenda Coull

    I remember accidentally stumbling onto the grocery bag show and was hooked from the start. Your passion, energy, and sense of humour are contagious. There is a joyfulness and realness of your friendship that I have rarely seen translate so well on television. Continue to simply be yourselves!!!

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks, Blenda, we’re glad you found us. And we definitely will!

  • nellie

    love the nl show sorry you didnt get to howley nl to see the wild mose we have them tied on becouse this is as far as they made it on the train cant wait to see the next show where evre its taped

  • David

    I really enjoy your grocery bag show. It’s fun and informative. Not only are the two of you beautiful, but your inner beauty, sense of humor and genuineness are endearing and it comes across to your audience.

  • Kim Wallace

    Love, love the new site. Super fans here in Calgary. Got my husband hooked! (we pvr so we watch the old and new as often as we can).

  • D. Lee

    I love watching you guys on grocery bags. It’s so entertaining to watch both of you panic with some of those recipes and it always made me wonder why you would choose to do so many in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing how both of you manage to get it done, while cutting corners sometimes but you get it done nonetheless. Kudos to both of you on a great show!

  • Olivia Lewis

    I have watched your shows for ages now, since I was a little kid. You two give me hope for my friendships and that they will be able to stay strong. You are inspirations <3

  • Angie

    I so miss you both on Oprah channel in US! You need to come back! You are both so fun, and inspiring!

  • Amanda

    Loved the Newfoundland episode! So glad you got to meet some Newfies and see our beautiful province! Glad you had nice weather in the end too! I have never been to Raymond’s, but heard a lot of good things about it. Did you get to try it? Hope so! Love your show! Cracks me up EVERY time!