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Body wash or shower gel is a tidy and convenient alternative to a bar of soap. We suds up to see if body washes are created equal, or if more money gets you cleaner.

The Basics

  • Detergents in body wash are generally not as harsh as in soaps. Many contain moisturizers to hydrate the skin.

  • Body washes can also be called: shower gel, body shampoo, and liquid body soap.

  • Bath gel and bubble bath are much more concentrated and should be diluted before using. If it says it’s both a bath and shower gel, use it without diluting.

  • Look for petrolatum as an ingredient: it’s a moisturizer that leaves your skin softer.

  • Fragrant-sensitive people should stick to a fragrance-free body wash or look for “sensitive skin” on the label.

Be Aware

  • Extra ingredients like aloe and vitamins promise to make your skin even healthier, though these claims aren’t always true, nor are they usually worth the extra cost.


We tested these body washes with the help of some grimy welders.

Our test products: . BUY IT
  • Generic Life Brand: .92¢ 100ml
. . drugstore brand
  • Dove: $1.61 100 ml
. . Well.ca
  • Body Shop: $4.80 100 ml
. .
  • Clinique: $11.50 100 ml
. . The Bay Sephora
  • Eau de Cartier: $32.50 100 ml
. .

(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)


Clean Test

  • After getting as dirty as possible we found that each of the body washes cleaned equally well.

  • The Body Shop’s product lathered up really nicely and felt good on the skin, not soapy.

Fragrance Test

Scent tends to be a personal choice, but here are our findings:

  • The Clinique was fragrance-free, so didn’t score.

  • The Eau de Cartier had a nice scent but the price made us hold our noses.

  • The Life brand had a simple, subtle scent, and the price was definitely right for some testers.

  • The Body Shop’s green apple scent was the most popular.


Most body washes do a good job when it comes to cleaning. For us, fragrance was the deciding factor. We preferred the Body Shop’s body wash for its yummy scent.


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