Bone Broth-ing My Way Toward Beautiful Skin (I hope)

Friday, 8 May 2015 | Tags: , , , , , ,

Stopping in at a friend's place for my morning coffee this week I was shocked (and slightly disgusted) when the mug placed in front of me looked nothing like the latte I was expecting but was instead a steaming cup of chicken broth. What gives?

Move over Vitamix, 2015 is all about bone broth. This health fad has taken such a firm grip that take out spots like Brodo (Italian for stock) are popping up in trendsetting capitals like New York. Is that Gwyneth I see in line? Given how inexpensive it is to make the stuff, I’m thinking of getting a food truck going: Anna’s Broth Box on Wheels. I’m going to make millions.

I must admit, when I heard about all the health benefits of bone broth I was ready to jump on the band wagon. Heck, I will drive the wagon (or food truck). Anything that promises beautiful skin gets my attention, fast. And there is no argument that bone broth is highly nutritious; packed with protein, magnesium and calcium, it has anti-inflammatory properties and best of all bone broth contains gelatin which is good for the skin (hello, it’s derived from collagen!) It is also said to improve digestion, make your hair shiny and it might even strengthen your teeth!

Bone broth is basically stock, except it’s cooked much longer (at least 24 hours, which allows more of the good stuff to get into the broth). It can be made from the bones of any healthy animal, be it beef, turkey, chicken or fish. The key is to get the bones (or animal, if you plan on eating it first) from a source you trust. The nutrients leech from the bones into the water so you want them to come from animals that were grass fed, organic, free run or wild.

Then you can use just about any recipe. But be sure to add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (which helps draw out nutrients from the bones) and you may want to throw in a couple of chicken feet as they contain extra gelatin. (Maybe my food truck menu will include an All Chicken Feet All The Time broth!)

Anyone who’s into cooking knows that homemade stock is the secret sauce to making meals that much better and any restaurant worth visiting has a pot bubbling away at all times. Truthfully, for me it’s always been a reason to avoid certain recipes. Call me lazy.

But now that it will stop my knees from hurting and make my skin glow it’s going to be my new thing. Best of all, if my food truck business goes bust I won’t go hungry since making it literally costs pennies a cup.

My bone brothing begins this weekend so please be sure to check in on my improved health and luminous skin in the coming weeks!

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