Bubble Baths

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Nothing says pampering like a soak in a tub filled with frothy, fragrant bubbles. You can choose types from relaxing to invigorating, but can different ingredients actually affect your body and senses, or is it purely a state of mind? We find out.


The Basics

  • Most bubble baths have the soapy, bubble-forming quality, and a fragrant quality, which typically comes from essential oils:

    • Relaxing ingredients include: lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang oil and Dead Sea salts.

    • Invigorating ingredients include: citrus, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint or ginger

  • Be careful to read the instructions on your bubble bath. If you overdo it, the chemicals in the soap (surfactants) can dry or even irritate your skin.

  • To counteract any drying effects of soaps or perfumes, look for products that also contain moisturizers like aloe, vitamin E or other essential hydrating oils.

  • If you’re sensitive to perfumes, look for a more lightly scented or an unscented product.

  • Organic bath products may not have certain chemicals and preservatives, but they have a shorter shelf life, so check for an expiry date.

  • If you find your skin is too sensitive for many soap products, try Epsom salts, which are all-natural and gentle. It doesn’t foam but it will soothe.


After some stressful days of shopping for work, we tested four different bubble bath products to see how well they relaxed us:

  • Fa Vitalizing Foam Bath: $1.20 per 100 ml
  • Lush “Pop in the Bath” Bar: $5.29 per 100 ml
  • Aveeno Foaming Bath: $2.36 per 100 ml
  • Kiehl’s Relaxing Foaming Bath: $8.30 per 100 ml

Bathe Test

  • Anna felt Kiehl’s had the perfect amount of bubbles and enjoyed the soothing smell of lavender.

  • Kristina enjoyed the Aveeno for its moisturizing qualities and subtle scent.

  • Kristina found the Kiehl’s scent too overbearing for her sensitive skin.

  • The Fa product had a refreshing scent, which was also pretty powerful.

  • The citrus-y Lush bar also had a strong fragrance that could be overpowering to sensitive bathers.


With so many to choose from, why stick with just one kind? Just be sure you like the scent before you buy the economy size bottle.






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