Bumpits (for big hair)

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The pursuit of the perfect hair has given rise to many an invention, including Bumpits, a structural insert placed beneath the hair to give you that "big hair" look. We give them a try in the A&K Test Lab.

(Note: the hair style in the above photo was done
by a professional, NOT using Bumpits.)

Product Overview

The Pitch: “Get full, volumized hair in seconds. From flat to fabulous!”

Bumpits are plastic, arch-shaped inserts edged with self-gripping, comb-like teeth. Designed to be concealed beneath hair at the back of the head. They work best for hair that is chin-length or longer. (Any shorter and the plastic may show through.)

They come in 3 colours: blonde, light brown, and dark brown/black. They are supposed to stay firmly in your hair throughout the day, and through various activities, including dancing and working out.

Available to Canada, USA, and Mexico via the online store, or through a toll-free number, and also at select stores.

Cost: Each pack of 3 different sizes (small, medium, mini) is $14.99 (CAD)

Our Tests

We both tried out the Bumpits, following the slightly confusing installation instructions.

Anna’s fuller hair provided more coverage of the apparatus, while Kristina’s thinner hair (or “follically-challenged” she likes to say — how do you even spell that?) left much of the product exposed.

We found them uncomfortable and not very effective. Plus, we don’t think someone running fingers through your hair want to hit a hard piece of plastic.

Bumpits do not get the A&K Stamp of Approval.


Instead of spending money on a gimmick like the Bumpit, get your “big hair” on by using some traditional tools that are likely already in your beauty arsenal: a little elbow grease, a thin-toothed comb, and some hair spray.

We asked Beauty Call friend and hair stylist Jon Paul Holt to give us tips:

The main goal is to get lift. There are different ways to do it:

    • Use a velcro roller or a large round brush and roll up chunks of hair at the crown of your head (top back area). Spritz with hair spray and apply a blast of heat, then a blast of cool with the hair dryer. The idea is to keep the root hair vertical until it sets. Once you remove the brush or roller, run your fingers through it to blend it back in with the rest of your hair.

    • To add a bit more volume, do the same as above, but right after you take out the roller, use a thin comb and lightly back-comb about 3 inches of hair from the root. Put a bit of spray on and then blend in with the rest of your hair.

    • Another trick is to finish off with a cute pony tail at mid-head height. And if you have long hair like Anna, wrap a piece of pony tail hair around the elastic band.

With a little practice, you can achieve the big hair look without spending a lot of money on gimmicks like the Bumpit. 

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