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My favourite in-flight magazine, Air Canada enRoute, announced its annual Top 10 list of Best New Restaurants in Canada 2016 today. Kristina and I sit on the panel and provide restaurant intelligence and regional recommendations for the nominees - it's a tough job. We're proud that some of the winners (including the #1 spot) are a few of our new favourite haunts right here on the west coast. Read on to find out where you need to make reservations the next time you land in this glorious part of the world.

This year’s first-place honours went to Tannis Ling and Joël Watanabe of Kissa Tanto, who wowed with their atmospheric Japanese-Italian restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown. It’s the second appearance on the list for this team, whose French-Chinese brasserie Bao Bei placed second in 2010. I highly recommend either of these restaurants if you’re in the mood for inventive, delicious cuisine and a fun night out.

Fourth place goes to Victoria’s Agrius, a slick downtown dining room where the charcuterie is not to be missed. The menu is French inspired and seasonal and the vibe is casual. The city has been crying out for a place like this! Extra marks from this diner for the yummy breads and baked goods. (You must at least make time to stop in at the bakery.)

In 10th spot is my favourite new Italian restaurant, Savio Volpe. The beautifully designed room with vintage touches is a fresh take on the old country’s family dining establishment. The staff and clientele are perfectly styled aging millennials – you’ll find a lot of designer specs and beards (did someone called central casting?) I love that you can see the chefs cooking over an open fire. The meatballs are a 10/10 and whatever the pasta special is, it won’t disappoint.

“The top restaurants in our 2016 ranking are influenced by community, and they create an experience that diners can really become a part of,” said Jean-François Légaré, editor-in-chief, Air Canada enRoute.

I think most chefs would agree that we here in the Pacific Northwest have access to many of the best ingredients in the world and I dare say we’re becoming a food and restaurant centre to contend with. It’s worth booking a trip here just for the food.

Click here for the complete list of winners.


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  • BrainofMorbius

    Curious, which venue is shown in the top photo, or is it not one on the list? Love the look of the place.

    • Anna Wallner

      Photo above is Kissa Tanto…the #1 Best New Restaurant in Canada according to Air Canada EnRoute magazine.

  • BrainofMorbius

    Hmm, no answer from the author so I’m just going to assume the photo at the top is of a remodeled McDonalds. Nice!

  • Thomas

    Miss you guys terribly.
    tell me what to buy.

    • Anna Wallner

      Thank you! Buy good quality food! Cook!

  • Jay Liang

    Why did the show end and are you planning to make another one?

    • Ray

      Last I heard, Anna had moved to Zimbabwe to live in the wild and study chimpanzees, and Kristina had joined MI-8, a top secret British spy agency, and is now working with a bunch of James Bond types to make the world safe for democracy. So probably no more episodes of GB…

      (Just Kidding Jay! I myself have no connection to these fine ladies and wish the show hadn’t ended as well…)