Choosing jewelry to accentuate your assets

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When it comes to choosing jewelry, you may be used to looking at colour, but there are a number of structural characteristics that can help you accentuate your assets or camouflage your problem areas. Here's what we learned in our research for Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call.


Choose a necklace to compliment the shape of your face. If you have:

A long neck:

  • Experiment with chunky chokers and unique architectural pieces. You can pull these normally hard-to-wear necklaces off.

  • Avoid thin chains and small, delicate chokers, which can make a long neck appear too thin.

A short neck:

  • Medium or long pendant necklaces that hit at least 2 inches below the collarbone create a V-shape that elongates the neck.

  • Delicate pieces will give the appearance of space between your chin and bust.

  • Avoid large, chunky pieces, and do not choose chokers, which will make your neck appear even shorter.

A large bosom:

  • Look for short and medium-length necklaces that hit above the bust line. Follow the guidelines for short or long necks above to determine the styles of the pieces you should choose.

  • Extra long necklaces, like a waterfall over your bust line, are also an option, helping to guide the eye up to your face or down to a funky pendant that hangs just above or at your belly button.

  • Avoid necklace lengths that hang right at your bust line, creating a shelf-like appearance or the illusion that it’s floating. Also, when wearing a shirt with a deep V, make sure the necklace doesn’t dangle into your cleavage.

A petite figure:

  • Long necklaces that drape beyond the bustline help to visually elongate your body.

  • Avoid chokers and oversize, chunky necklaces.


Pick out earrings to accentuate your eyes, cheekbones and jaw. If you have:

A round face:

  • Choose oval-shaped styles that dangle to emphasize your cheekbones and draw attention to your jaw line.

  • Larger earrings help balance out a broad forehead.

  • Avoid hoops, which just accentuate the roundness of your face.

A square face:

  • Look for round hoops or chandelier shapes (e.g. diamond or half-diamond with dangly jewels).

  • Oversized styles in proportion with the size of your face and body help soften the angles of your face.

An oval face:

  • Almost anything works on this face shape. Have fun with hoops and chandelier shapes, or go conservative with small teardrops or sparkly studs.

A long face:

  • Chandelier shapes (e.g. diamond or half-diamond) help bring attention to your cheekbones. A pair of sparkly studs can also highlight your cheekbones too.

  • Avoid long, skinny, dangly styles that hover around the jaw line. These will make your face appear longer.

A heart-shaped face:

  • Choose medium-sized hoops or teardrop earrings to highlight cheekbones and balance out a narrow jaw line.

  • Avoid studs and small hoops, which can make your face look broad (even chubby) across the cheekbones.


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