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Shopping Bag Barb W. reviews a new nail product she recently tried: CND Shellac Nail Polish!

I just had a manicure and instead of just regular nail polish I had them apply CND Shellac Nail Polish. Well I do not think I will every have regular polish again. This procedure is excellent.

I am on my third week with no chips and still many compliments from people. I guess the downfall right now would be that they only offer 12 colours, but I was assured the line of colours would expand quickly. It is the heat dry process that sets the nail polish and the end product looks nothing like gel nails. I am just starting the grow out days and i will be able to wear this polish for maybe another three to four days and next best to have it removed.

The manicurist assured me that I could remove the shellac myself, or you can purchase a remover. Regular nail polish remover does not work. You must either heat your own nails and peel off, or remove with shellac remover to do the trick.

Try it once, you will not be disappointed.

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There are limited places where you can have this done. Search the CND site for salons. I had mine done at Nuestro Day Spa (Vancouver) at 8073 Granville Street. Ask for Maria.

Update: Part 2

Here is some more info so you will be better informed if you decide to get Shellac Nails.

The promised from my first manicurist was that the application would last 15-17 days and it did. This is what you want to look for when getting your nails done. My first application was substantial and a thick covering was put on. I believe this is important for the heat process to work properly.

On my second application I noticed it was a thinner layer and it did not cover the nails as smoothly.

I also believe you should look for an experienced manicurist as the nails do have to be prepped. A traditional manicure should be performed.

I think you should also be aware that you can remove the application yourself with 100 % acetone. It was big shock to me that after I paid for the application I was also required to pay for having the original shellac removed. The going price for removing the old application is $10 – 15 and this just pushed the overall cost up rather high. I would think if one was going to do this type of service in their salon they should consider a different approach to removing this product. Fancy band-aid like strips were put on each of my nails, when a puff pad and straight acetone would do the trick.

I still do recommend Nuestro Day Spa: superior service and flawless application the first time. www.nuestrodayspa.ca – ask for Maria. 604-568-0997.

Update: Part 3

Final tidbit of information to finish off my topic on Shellac Nails. After my second application I decided to purchase on the nail remover acetone and attempt to remove the shellac from my nails prior to my next application. Just like any other nail polish remover, this stronger solution does remove the shellac and the glue from my nails. As much as it is part of a manicure to have your nails cleaned and prepped by the manicurist, the fancy shellac removal bandaids increase the price way too much.

I consulted with Maria, Licenced Esthetician and owner of Nuestro Day Spa and she agrees that the removal process is very similar to basic nail polish removal but the solution has to be 100% acetone.

Of note, Maria will have all the colours now available in her spa starting next week. They just made available several more colours and these would be for the fall season. They have cremes, chromes, pearls, shimmers and sparkles. My favourite from the first launch of colours is Romantique, but the Strawberry Smoothie appeals also.


Also of note: you might want to consider a French Manicure. The Shellac product is superior for this as there is NO chipping and it lasts for 14+ days.

You will be completely satisfied with the look of your nails and Maria will guide you through the application process if you should have any questions.

 Thought I would share with you a picture of my shellac nails. These were done three days ago and not a chip nor mark or dent to be found. My hands get wet, I handle coin, weights at the gym, etc., and no chipping.

You will find the manicure will last anywhere from 15-17 days and for sure you will get some pleasant comments. Your nails will be very strong and your hands will look stunning.

Nuestro Day Spa, 8073 Granville Street, Vancouver – 604-568-0997. 

Try it.



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