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Shopping Bag Meghan D. gives an in-depth review of these eco-friendly diaper options.

We just welcomed our first little one almost two months ago. As expectant parents, we decided to go with cloth diapering. Although there are certainly drawbacks (frequent laundering is probably the most-cited deterrent), it was important to us to commit to a more environmentally-responsible way of diapering. We want the world our son inherits to be a clean and healthy one!

That decision made, where to begin? There are so many options when it comes to cloth diapering – flats, fitteds, prefolds, pockets – the confusing terms could drive one mad!

After lots of online research and a visit to a local baby boutique, our decision was an easy one: BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pocket Diapers . Why did we go with this option? There were several factors in our decision, besides the environmental benefit.

Cost: These diapers are not the cheapest choice (at about $22 each) in cloth diapering but they are still a much more economic way of diapering. They have three size options in one diaper (using a snap system) – meaning they will fit a child 7-35 pounds! This means that the two dozen diapers we have purchased could be our last. A little extra money up front will end up saving us so much in the long run considering the average child uses about $2500 worth of diapers in 2 1/2 years, not to mention the potential to use them for future children.

Looks: They come in a variety of fun bright colours and a few patterns – makes for a cute changing station and is kind of fun! The only drawback when it comes to how they look is the range of sizing does make them a little bulky on a smaller baby.

Ease of Use: As a pocket diaper, these are much easier to use than other cloth diapers you may have seen. We stuff the pockets with the inserts after doing the laundry. This takes about as long as it would to fold an average load of laundry (although if that’s too much time, you could stuff as needed). Once stuffed, these diapers go on with either snaps or velcro – just as easy as a disposable. That’s it! When it’s time to come off, pull out the insert and toss both in a laundry pail or in a wet bag when travelling.

But isn’t the laundry a pain? Not really. I just dump the pail in the washer, run a rinse then a hot/cold cycle with detergent and hang to dry (they can go in the dryer but why not go the eco-friendly route when possible?).

We have been using these diapers for about a month now and can not say enough good things about them. Our friends, family, doctor – basically anyone who has seen them – have been so impressed with how far cloth diapering has come. BumGenius diapers are truly genius!

More about BumGenius: www.bumgenius.com

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