Control Top Pantyhose

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Helping smooth away those unwanted bumps and bulges, control top pantyhose offer support in the butt, thigh and gut area that regular pantyhose donít. We test out some pairs to see which hold us up best.

The Basics

  • Control top pantyhose are reinforced in the underwear area with a thicker, stretchy material, usually containing spandex.

  • Look for pantyhose that have at least 15% spandex for best results.

  • Spandex also keeps things stretchy, which can help prevent runs.

  • Lycra on the label is a name brand for spandex.

  • Reduce lines even further by going panty-less, but only if the pantyhose have a cotton gusset.

Be Aware

  • Some hoses don’t transition well between the control panty portion and the sheer leg, resulting in a bump in the thigh area.

  • Avoid pantyhose with a thin tight waistband because, regardless of what they do for you elsewhere, you’ll have an unsightly ripple at your middle, and often you’ll be dealing with “roll down”, where the waistband doesn’t stay put.


Over a few weeks, we tested five different brands of control top pantyhose for comfort and control.

  • Secret: $5.25
  • Jockey Body Shaper: $9
  • Hanes Smooth Illusions: $11.95
  • Calvin Klein Zero Waistband: $18
  • Wolford Individual 10: $62

Our tests and results include:

Comfort Test

  • Calvin Klein left us feeling tucked in, but not overly so. The no-waistband was very comfortable.

  • Secret felt like ordinary pantyhose and didn’t do a lot of controlling.

  • The Hanes had too much control and pushed flesh into places it had never ventured.

  • The Jockey offered lighter control, doing a good job of smoothing the tummy and didn’t roll down. They were pretty comfortable.

  • The luxury of the Wolford pantyhose sucked a few of our testers in; they were extremely comfortable and had just the right snug factor. But when the price was revealed, we all felt it was too much to spend.


Calvin Klein ended up as our winner: pure comfort with no waistband to create a line, and they smoothed everything into place.


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