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A quick and easy alternative almost as good as homemade, pre-made cookie doughs are available to satisfy that sweet craving. We take a look at doughs on the market and bake up some batches for a taste test.

The Basics

  • Ready-to-bake cookie doughs come in a variety of packages from the refrigerator or freezer aisle:

    • Logs, which make for easy slicing into cookie shapes.

    • A pail or container you scoop out.

    • Pre-formed pucks you pop straight into the oven.

  • Dry cookie dough mix has everything but the liquids (milk, eggs, butter etc.), which you add yourself.

    • Dry mixes have a long shelf life.

    • Dry mixes usually have fewer preservatives than frozen or refrigerator dough.

Other Considerations

  • If you want a cookie overflowing with chocolate chips, make sure they’re the first ingredient listed.

  • If you want just a few cookies for a quick snack, choose a ready-to-bake product, which you can use a little at a time. But put the remainder in the freezer or use it up within a few days of opening, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the expiry date.

  • If you’re baking from frozen, allow the dough to thaw before baking, or add more baking time to accommodate.


We recruited some girl guides to help us taste test these five brands of chocolate chip cookie dough:

  • Grocery Store Brand (ready-to-bake log): $1.55 per dozen
  • Pillsbury (ready-to-bake pucks): $2.40 per dozen
  • English Bay (ready-to-bake pail of dough): $1.35 per dozen
  • Betty Crocker (dry mix): $1.20 per dozen (plus butter & eggs)
  • Dr. Oetker’s Organic (dry mix): $1.80 per dozen (plus butter & eggs)

Our tests and results include:

Taste Test

Texture and chocolate chip count seemed to be the secret to picking our winning cookie dough:

  • It was a close call between the no-name brand and the English Bay dough.

  • The English Bay brand had a natural buttery taste.

  • The economic grocery brand had a good ratio of chocolate chips and a great taste.


It was a tie between the generic brand (16-18 cookies per package) and the English Bay brand (78 cookies per package). Both were good on flavour and economical, though the English Bay package is much bigger (meaning you just have to make more cookies!)


Thanks to Our Experts

Judy Van Rosendaal, Chef and cookbook author

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