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The perfect snacks at home or for the lunch kit, store-bought cookies are a quick and easy treat. We find out if buying generic rather than brand name cookies makes a difference in taste and budget.

The Basics

  • There are endless varieties of store-bought cookies available.

  • Store brands have done their best to replicate the look and taste of popular name brand cookies, but at more economical prices.

Be Aware

  • Don’t forget to consider the fat content. While some generic versions may be lower in fat than its brand competitor, manufacturers may use less expensive oils and opt for trans fats, which creates a much less healthy cookie


On our series The Shopping Bags, we closely examined these three popular cookies in their brand form and generic form to see if we could tell the difference:

  • President’s Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chip: 39¢ for 2
  • vs. Nabisco’s Chip’s Ahoy: 32¢ for 2
  • Christie’s Oreo: 30¢ for 2
  • vs. Great Value (Wal-Mart) Chocolate Vanilla Crème: 16¢ for 2
  • Nabisco’s Fig Newtons: 32¢ for 2
  • vs. Safeway Select Fruit Bars (fig): 27¢ for 2

Our tests and results include:

Taste Test

  • Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy kept us munching.

  • Oreo‘s flavour was completely unmatched.

  • To our surprise, the generic fig bar took this cookie challenge, with more fruit filling and a moister cookie part. The Nabisco Fig Newton was dry and floury.


We chose the brand name Oreo and Chips Ahoy, but were happier with the generic fig bar.

   Thanks to Our Experts

Dr. Massimo Marcone, food scientist

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