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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Shopping Bag Emily M. tells us about a game set that gets her family outdoors for some fun on sunny days...

The President's Choice croquet set ($80) is a very sturdy set and is great for the price. It includes six mallets and balls, 9 wickets, rules, and a wooden carrying case.

I tested a variety of sets including the Cooper, Sportcraft, and Halex brands. While these sets may be suitable for children, the handles were not long enough for adult players and the Sportcraft and Halex brands both broke during the first use. These sets ranged from $30-$60.

The PC set has mallets that have long handles and are made of sturdy hardwood. I also liked that the heads of the mallets did not have rubber caps but had metal rings around them as the caps can crack off easily. This set also comes in a very nice wooden case.

The only downfalls with this product are that the mallets need to be taken apart to be put back into the carrying case and the metal rings around the mallet heads started to unscrew. This could be easily fixed by replacing them with larger screws or by gluing them down.

My Top Pick

Overall, for the price, the President's Choice croquet set is the best I have come across so far. It is visually appealing and is very comfortable to play with. While it does cost more than the other sets I tried, it is far sturdier and created for adults rather than children.

If you are looking for a cheap set, I would recommend the Halex brand (I bought this at Zellers). While the mallets were short and chipped where the handle screws into the mallet head, for casual or children's use I would recommend this alternative.

Other more expensive sets can be found at www.croquet.com. This might be a better alternative to finding a croquet set as I had a hard time finding one in my local stores.





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