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Smart shopper Bruce M. shares his rum-tasting notes and recommendations...

After watching A&K’s Martha Stewart Christmas episode and seeing your rum review, I thought I would submit my own brief synopsis of some recent rums I have tried.

Having recently attended a wine and spirit tasting (always a great way to review various libations without having to buy full bottles, as well as a good social opportunity) I came across a new varietal of rum that I particularly enjoyed.

I am a rum enthusiast, particularly dark rums. For both drinking and cooking purposes I believe the dark rums provides a sweeter and more complex flavor that enhances the experience. The dark rum not only provides a better taste, I think that the aroma greatly enhances either the food or drink it is used in.

The brand I recently found is Ron Diplomatico, which is imported from Venezuela. The varieties I tried were Anejo, Reserva and Exclusiva. Anejo is the “entry level” whereas Reserva and Exclusiva would be considered premium. I tend to drink my rums as a mixed drink and all 3 varieties were more than suitable in that regard.

I did find that both the Reserva and Exclusiva did provide an enhanced taste experience. Based on price, I would tend to think the Reserva was worth the extra few dollars over the Anejo, even in a mixed drink. For sipping purposes, or even on special occasions as a mixed drink, the Exclusiva was expecially tasty. Locally, I was able to find this brand at Calgary Co-op liquor stores.

It is enjoyable to venture beyond the basics in choosing your libations. During the festive season, liquor stores tend to bring in a greater variety of product. Take the time to experiment and try a more premium or unusual brand.


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