Deep Fryers

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For home-cooked fries or other crispy delicacies, a good deep fryer is essential. We take a look at deep fryers to see how they fare when it comes to fat, speed, taste and mess.

The Basics

  • A deep fryer is an all-in-one appliance that sits on your countertop and heats oil to very high temperatures to cook food quickly, leaving a crispy outer coating.

  • A thermostat is an important feature to ensure the perfect oil temperature. If it’s not hot enough, the food takes longer to cook and absorbs more oil. The result: soggy instead of crispy.

  • The size of your deep fryer depends on how many you usually cook for. They hold anywhere form 1.5-3 litres of oil.

  • All machines have a filter to stifle odours. White filters can be hand washed in warm soapy water, but charcoal filters, once saturated, must be replaced.

  • Auto shut-off is a great safety feature. Most are set to shut-off automatically at about 540 degrees F.

Other Considerations

  • A viewing window may seem helpful, but it often gets too fogged up.


We tested these fryers with a variety of deep fried favourites including donuts, French fries, spring rolls and tempura:

  • Hamilton Beach: $59
  • T-FAL: $100
  • Waring Pro: $129
  • DēLonghi: $139

Our tests and results include:

Frying Test

  • The Hamilton Beach and the T-FAL left our food soggy because they couldn’t heat the oil high enough. Foods that didn’t need much cooking at all like the tempura turned out ok.

  • We also found that the T-FAL wasn’t large enough.

  • The Waring got hot enough to cook the food fast and leave it crispy. All the dials and settings were easy to use.

  • The DēLonghi was a close second when it came to cooking results.

Cleaning Test

  • The T-FAL’s hands-free draining system was top-notch.

  • The DēLonghi came with a draining hose, but even though the idea sounded good it was too slow.

  • The Waring and Hamilton Beach had removable, dishwasher-safe pots. Big plus!


Even though some of the parts had to be washed by hand, our overall pick is the Waring Pro for its hot and crispy results, and easy-to-use dials.


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