Diaper Cream

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Keeping baby dry helps prevent diaper rash, but if they do break out, there are several creams available to help treat and prevent it. We get more info about diaper creams and invite some moms and babies to help us test some out.


The Basics

  • Diaper rash is characterized by flat, red, irritated skin in the diaper area, and happens if baby’s sensitive kin is moist for long periods of time.

  • There’s no known cure for diaper rash, but there are ways to help it heal fast and also prevent it from occurring.

  • Because babies are in diapers most of the time, their skin can become irritated, especially with wetness.

  • Creams with the common active ingredient zinc oxide form a barrier on the skin to protect it from further irritation and help it heal.

  • All diaper creams should have an expiration date since zinc oxide and other medicinal-type ingredients become ineffective over time.

Other Considerations

  • While creams can help prevent rash or accelerate healing, letting skin breathe is the best solution. Be careful not to put so much cream on the area that it suffocates the skin. An amount the size of a quarter is sufficient.

  • To keep baby dry and fresh make sure to do regular diaper changes, which helps prevent a diaper rash in the first place. You can also give baby a bit of “breathing time” each day by allowing him or her to go diaper free for a period of time. (Avoid putting baby in carpeted areas during this time!)

  • If your baby experiences a recurring rash, try a different brand of diapers to see if that helps.

  • A newborn urinates 20-30 times a day. You don’t have to change diapers or use cream that often. Every couple of hours will do.

Be Aware

  • Most doctors nowadays advise against using talcum powder, which can cause lung problems, and against cornstarch, which can cause yeast to grow in the diaper area.


We asked a group of moms with babies experiencing diaper rash to try out four different diaper creams to see which one made the biggest difference. We tested:


Rash Relief Test

  • Butt Paste was top with our moms for fragrance, its easy-to-use container and “not-too-bad” results.

  • Desitin was effective but the unpleasant fragrance pushed it to the number two choice.

  • Penaten, though a popular choice for generations, is still packaged in the same awkward tin container. It’s less-than-creamy consistency also makes for a messy application.


The moms chose Butt Paste as the winner for its fragrance, convenience, and results.






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