Disposable Toilet Cleaning Brushes

Sunday, 8 June 2008

One of the top ten most-disliked household chores, cleaning the toilet on a regular basis is a must if you want to ensure your bathroom is as clean as possible, and if you donít want to wrestle with hard-to-clean stains. We take a look at the latest in toilet cleaning ìsystemsî to see if theyíre worth the money.


The Basics

  • Before the toilet brush was invented, you had to use a rag and rubber gloves.

  • Now on the market, shelved next to regular toilet brushes, are some new toilet cleaning systems with disposable pads.

  • Most of these “systems” come with a handle and a few pre-soaked cleaning pads to get you started.

  • Some also include cleanser and extras like storage caddies and hooks.

  • When you’re considering a disposable toilet cleaning system, consider the ongoing cost of purchasing the pads and factor that into the convenience.

Be Aware

  • Some environmental experts feel that the latest fads in disposable cleaning products (which include dusting cloths, cleaning pads, etc.,) are hard on the environment, creating extra waste and chemical processing.


We took a couple of these new-fangled cleaning systems and put them to a typical household test, as well as an atypical commercial cleaning test with the help of a hotel housekeeper in charge of cleaning over 400 toilets/day. We tried out:

  • Fantastik Fresh Brush (includes 4 flushable pads): $6.99
  • Lysol Ready Brush (with detachable foaming aerosol can of cleanser and storage caddy): $18.99

Cleaning Test

  • The cleaning chemicals used on the pads of the Fantastik Fresh Brush had an offensive odour. While flushable wipes may be convenient, it’s somewhat wasteful, and expensive. It’s one more thing to remember to add to your shopping list.

  • The Lysol Ready Brush proved to be too large and awkward to hold and maneuver. Plus, you need to shake it to get the foaming cleanser out, which sprayed toilet water everywhere. As far as cost goes, the can of cleanser was a dollar more than a regular bathroom cleanser.


Neither brush in our opinion worked well enough to justify the cost – they didn’t even successfully combat our toilet bowl rings. Our professional cleaner plans on sticking to a plain old toilet bowl brush with a bathroom cleanser – an easier and more economical way to clean your bowl.



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