Dog Days Of Summer

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 | Tags: , , , , ,

When I'm sweating buckets, I keep thinking about our four-legged friends in their fur coats. Despite the drippy tongues and excessive panting, they seem to weather the temperature with a certain insouciance.

Here are some hot dogs that have crossed my path this summer, along with a few photos supplied by fellow dog lovers.  Pooches always make such amusing subjects and never fail to put a smile on my face. 


photo 1“For dogs sake, someone get me an iced frappucino” – Dog on South Granville


photo 4“I’m just letting him think that he’s gaining on me.” – Lola


JK Europe 2011 232“Ahhhh” – Dog on Ferry

(I literally heard him say that.)  

photo 3

“Greyhounds, you’ve got nothing on me!” – Chewy

Muskoka '11 (23)“Daarling… this is clearly the only way to travel.” – Dog on Speedboat 


photo 2 “You heard me, MY pool” – Qila


Kona - former whistler sled dogI think I like this sand thing.” – Kona, former Whistler Sled Dog 


photo 3“This is the best hiding spot ever” – Ruby

 GroupSummer camp


Dottie“Tennis anyone?”  – Dottie


Berger sleeping “You’re no bunny til some bunny loves you.” – Berger


Belle 2“Where’d everybody go?” – Belle 


Much thanks to Anna Wallner, Fiona Forbes, Amanda Glavas and Meghan Boswell of the SPCA for allowing me to use their photos. 

Top Photo: Ruby in my bike basket. No, we don’t ride around like that. She just stayed put long enough to snap off a few photos. 

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