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Eileen: everyday sexy

Season 1 Episode 25

Frumpy mom Eileen is looking for some style so she came to us for help. Can we dump her sweatshirt and sparkle headband and give her a practical yet everyday sexy look? Nick Verreos judges our efforts.

   Our Style Mission

 36-year-old single mom and full-time student Eileen is looking for our help to find an outfit that will make her feel hot even while she’s grocery shopping, at a lecture, or picking up the kids from school. For Eileen, our mission is the everyday sexy look, and we’ve got our work cut out for us!

Our guest expert is designer and red carpet expert Nick Verreos. He had these tips for dressing Eileen:

  • Sexy doesn’t have to be about showing cleavage or being a “cougar”. Those looks are actually not sexy. Not sexy at all.

  • I want Anna & Kristina to make Eileen look like a mom who cares about the way she looks. Sophisticated, elegant, and sexy.

   Our Look Book

With an afternoon and $500, we hit the stores on a mission to turn Eileen from sloppy mom to yummy mummy. We focused on finding pieces that would add some sexy curves to her boyish figure.

Eileen’s Outfit details

  • Grey lace-trim tank top: $13 at H&M
  • Blue henley-style t-shirt: $10 at H&M
  • White Citizens of Humanity jeans: $180 at Teenflo
  • Skinny metallic belt: $18 at H&M
  • Periwinkle blue trench coat: $119 at Esprit
  • Metallic flats: $70 at Aldo
  • White metal sunglasses: $12 at Aldo
  • Metallic hobo bag: $45 at Aldo

Nick Verreos‘ opinion

  • Shut the front door! Are you sure this is her? The hair is standing up on my arms! This is 110% better than the before photos.

  • The trench is great. The colour is fantastic, the periwinkle coat, the white sunglasses. I’m all about choosing trenches that aren’t your typical khaki.

  • And I like how you’ve mixed the different blues; the lighter blue with the darker navy blue, and then the grey tank and the white pants. 

  • The slim fit of everything is great. She’s got an amazing figure that you had no idea of in her before photos.
  • She looks like she’s walking through the streets of Florence.

  • I love the metallic bag, shoes, and belt. It’s a great bag. I would have gone even bigger, with grommets and more embellishment. I’m not such a fan of the belt. I don’t know if you needed it though you’re right, it helps break up her long torso. 

  • The flat shoes work for running errands, but I love a girl in heels. She could go sexier. I would hide some peep-toe pumps in her bag.

   Did our style picks make the “Do List” or “Don’t List”?

 Eileen started to cry when she first came out from the change area — in a good way! She loved her new look, felt fabulous and fresh, and just couldn’t wait to go out and show it off. And she’s going to cut up her ugly headband! 

Fashionista Nick Verreos says we achieved everyday sexy with the great trench, skinny pants, and flashy bag, though he would have liked to have seen Eileen in some sexy pumps instead of flats.

   Tip Central

  • Go long and lean. When picking out jeans, try the skinny jean look. Most people should go for darker wash denim, but those with thin, ruler-like figures can pull off other bright colours like white and red. Also make sure they’re ankle-length and no shorter.

  • Keep it simple. Flat ballet-shoes are great for running errands during the day. (Stay away from embellishments like bows and big buckles for the most sophisticated look.)

  • A versatile trench in a colour that is not the typical khaki can really add some punch and elegance to your wardrobe. 

  • When layering clothes, remember lighter colours look better under darker colours.

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Please note: opinions expressed about fashion and beauty in this article are just that: our opinions. Feeling beautiful on the inside is what matters most, but we like to do what we can on the outside too.

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