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James: old school Vegas

Season 1 Episode 24

Smokin' fireman James is headed to a stag in Las Vegas and wants to look classic Rat Pack. The challenge? He's got huge chest and bulging arm muscles! Can we squeeze him into a sleek suit a la Sinatra? We're sure going to try. Star stylist Lawrence Zarian judges our work.

   Our Style Mission

 James wants to look old school hip on a trip down to Las Vegas with the boys. As a big, beefy fireman, he wears a uniform, but when it comes to suits and style, it all goes up in smoke. We take on the challenge of dressing James, his 46″ chest and 17″ pipes in an old school Vegas look. 

Our guest expert is a star stylist and former model, Lawrence Zarian. He had these tips for dressing James:

  • You’re in for a challenge! James is really built.

  • Look for a fitted suit, a skinny tie. Since James is a “suit virgin” (he doesn’t already own a suit) you need to think classic and safe.

  • Men don’t have the options that women do. It’s all about the tie, the belt, and the shoes.

   Our Look Book

 With our $500 budget, we set out to turn the heat up and find a lean-fitting suit for James. Our goal was simple, but boy, was it way harder than we thought! Finding a slim-fit suit and jacket in James’ muscle size was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But persistence paid off.

James’ Outfit details

  • Black suit jacket: $149 at H&M
  • 100% cotton white dress shirt: $95 at Banana Republic
  • Black silk tie: $79 at Club Monaco
  • Black, slim-fit trousers: $70 at H&M
  • Argyle socks: $12 at Banana Republic
  • Black pointed dress shoes: $155 at Town Shoes

 Lawrence Zarian‘s opinion

  • Wow! Wow!

  • The one thing I really like about what you did is you really captured that old Vegas swagger. It’s classic and clean. This could be sixties, seventies, eighties.

  • When you go classic and clean with a guy, you’ll never go wrong.

  • There’s one thing missing: the tie bar. The finishing touch. When a girl sees him, she’ll know he paid attention to detail.

  • You gave him a personality and its fun.

   Did our style picks make the “Do List” or “Don’t List”?

 James felt ready to take on Las Vegas in the classic suit we chose for him. He was very happy and felt great! (Maybe the booze helped a bit too.)

Stylist Lawrence Zariansays we definitely achieved the old school Vegas look. He gave us perfect marks, even though we left off the final tie bar detail.


   Tip Central

  • To achieve old school Vegas, go for a tapered, two-piece suit. If it doesn’t quite fit off the rack, remember you can always tailor it.

  • Take heed of the details: a tie bar, a pocket square, cuff links, socks. These pieces can help add personality and style to your look.

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