Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call

Nikki & Connie: separate identities, funky vs. adventurous

Season 1 Episode 11

Identical twins Nikki and Connie want to look fashion-forward, and completely different from each other. We try to match their distinct personalities, but is this double dilemma too much for us to handle?

   Our Style Mission

Our mission is to create unique looks for identical twins Connie (the conservative one) and Nikki (the wild one). Connie wants to stop being a wallflower, and Nikki wants her look to be edgy with a Tokyo twist. It’s funky vs. adventurous.

Our guest expert is Paul Hardy, personal shopper turned breakout fashion-designer. He had these tips for us on dressing Nikki and Connie:

  • When shopping for people with yellow skin tones, be careful about buying earthy colours. Avoid yellow tones, which can make their skin look sickly. Go for taupe and chocolate instead.

  • Shopping for twins: it’s very important to listen to your client and understand their individuality, their lifestyle. 

   Our Look Book

We decided to divide and conquer. Anna took on adventurous Nikki to give her an edgy, hip new style with a Tokyo twist, and Kristina searched for some pieces to give Connie’s plain wardrobe a funky, “geek chic” look.

Connie’s outfit details

  • Black opaque tights: $16.50 at The Gap
  • Striped grey Talula Babaton top: $55 at Aritzia
  • Grey shoe-boots: $80 at Aldo
  • Silver hoop earrings: $12 at Aldo
  • Black winter shorts: $30 at H&M
  • Black sequin vest: $35 at H&M
  • Grey blazer: $118 at The Gap
  • Black bag: $35 at Aldo

Paul Hardy’s opinion

  • This seems really edgy to me because it’s paired with a mini skirt. (Correction: shorts!) Well shorts are even more edgy!

  • I really like this look. The jacket brings in the masculine, but the shorts, shoes, and top bring in the feminine.

Nikki’s outfit #1 details

  • Black dress: $79 at HP3
  • Cream faux fur vest: $45 at HP3
  • Chain-bead bracelet: $39 at HP3
  • Black mid-calf suede boots: $160 at Aldo

Nikki’s outfit #2 details

  • Tan and black detail Dear Creatives dress: $110 at Eugene Choo
  • Black, fitted, long-sleeved t-shirt: $27 at American Apparel
  • Black semi-opaque tights: $16.50 at The Gap
  • Bracelet: $39 at HP3
  • Black mid-calf suede boots: $160 at Aldo

Paul Hardy’s opinion

  • The boots are a bit edgy, but the height of the boot isn’t perfect. Itstops at the widest part of her calf, which actually makes her legslook thick and stubby when they’re not. A boot that is shorter (ankle) or taller (knee) would havebeen a better choice.

  • Outfit #1 feels a bit choppy. You have a big piece(the fur vest) with volume below (the bubble skirt of the dress), which makes herlook plump (top)-plump (skirt)-broken (tights)-plump (boots). Hate the tights. Not agood look.

  • Outfit #2 is not actually that edgy. The pattern of the dress is more conservative, almost parochial in a way. I would have thought this is Connie.

   Did our style picks make the “Do List” or “Don’t List”?

Connie & Nikki felt we captured their individuality and gave us “100%, A+++”. Connie’s two outfits made her feel more adventurous. Nikki definitely thought our choices were different than anything she’d ever choose for herself, and she loved it. They also admitted they’ll be raiding each others’ closets!

Our style expert Paul Hardy felt we could have swapped outfits on the girls. He thought Nikki’s looks could have been more edgy, but he felt Connie’s outfits hit the mark, at least for Nikki!

   Tips we learned from our experts:

  • When dressing a petite figure, avoid breaking up the body with too many disparate pieces.

  • When it comes to boots, if you have curvy calves, look for boot heights that end at narrow part of the ankles or the knees.

   Other Show Segments

Please note: opinions expressed about fashion and beauty in this article are just that: our opinions. Feeling beautiful on the inside is what matters most, but we like to do what we can on the outside too.

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