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Shopping Bag and new mom Fay Arianne reviews this important baby accessory.

As a new mom, nothing is more important to me than my baby’s well-being. That being said, I am still very much a driven, capable woman, so finding a balance between my baby’s needs and my own needs is paramount to both of our happiness!

Baby carriers have been used for years by moms on the move, and I have tested out my fair share — from wrap based (e.g. Moby) to frame based (e.g. Baby Bjorn).

Here is a brief list of the pros and cons:

  • Cloth-based carriers:

    • Pros: Breathable fabric, close contact to baby, usable for even newborns (swaddle), fits the mom/dad’s body type perfectly because it’s simply wrapped around certain points of the body, easy to clean.

    • Cons: Difficult to wrap around yourself, not the best for petite body types because of excess fabric, bulky, instructions not very clear.

  • Frame-based carriers:

    • Pros: Baby can face towards parent or outward depending on the age, easy to use and put on, comes in a range of design and colors to suit parent/baby needs.

    • Cons: Not the best for parent’s back after long periods, could be harmful for baby’s posture (I have heard reviews saying this is the case for front facing carriers), can be used only on older babies (not newborns).

 The great thing about the ERGObaby Original Carrier is that it is a combination of the two. It can be used for newborns (using the infant insert) and is ergonomically suitable for both the parent and baby.

I have used it daily since my little one was born and it is the best thing for going on walks or trips to the store. There is a front pocket for all the items I need, which allows me to have both hands free, and the whole thing can go into the wash. Also, the straps are extremely easy to use and adjust- even my husband doesn’t mind using it!

I highly recommend the ERGObaby to all mothers out there — it gives you a sense of freedom while enjoying precious time with your baby!!

Buy It

The Ergo Baby carrier is available directly from the ErgoBaby website. There are lots of colours and styles to choose from!  


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