Eye Creams

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The sensitive skin area around the eye is the target of many a wrinkle product. Age products aside, the eye area definitely needs a gentler moisturizer and touch. We find out more about eye creams.


The Basics

  • If fine lines are a problem, look for glycerine in the ingredients. Found in soap, it actually works by temporarily trapping moisture and plumping up the skin.

  • Many eye creams claim to firm the eye area; some dermatologists agree that certain ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol can actually help to firm the skin.

  • If puffy eyes are a problem for you, try an eye cream that contains cucumber or caffeine.

  • Vitamin K found in leafy greens can help with those unwanted dark circles under your eyes.

  • There are usually three texture formats for eye moisturizers:

    • Creams are the most popular and tend to be very moisturizing.

    • Serums, also considered gels, are good for blemish-prone skin, and are designed to make the skin look more taut (reduce wrinkles). They can actually be drying.

    • Oils like jojoba, kalaya, rosa mosqueto and evening primrose are popular for the eye area, spreading easily (with less pulling), and are considered better for night use since they can be greasy or shiny.


Along with some tired moms, we tried these eye creams for two weeks each, and took some before and after photos for each session to compare.

Usage Test

  • There were no obvious differences in our before and after pictures. Our dermatologist thought Anna’s eyes looked slightly different after the Clarins, which just happened to be Anna’s personal favourite.

  • For Anna, the Clarins had a cooling sensation and a really nice texture; but to save money, she was happy with the Cetaphil regular moisturizer.

  • Other testers chose the Olay Regenerist for easy pump style and the light, nourishing texture of the serum.

  • Kristina found the Olay too thick and preferred the consistency of the rich but light feel of the Avon.

  • The price tag on the Eyecicles didn’t appeal to us. It also had a drying effect and too much came out at a time.


Aside from texture preferences, we didn’t pick a top product for this test. Our dermatologist found no real improvements, so there were no major miracle products. However, it’s still important to moisturize the eye area and treat it more delicately than the rest of your face’s skin.



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