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With so many beauty products promising all sorts of results, we take a look at eye de-puffing creams to see if they really can erase traces of your late night habits or your sleepy, early morning eyes.

The Basics

  • The idea behind eye de-puffers is that they pull water (the cause of the puffiness) away from the eye area.

  • Eye puffiness may largely be a genetic issue, so even miracle creams won’t control it. Other puffiness causes may be allergies or rubbing the delicate skin around your eyes.

  • Most products use ingredients like caffeine, arnica, chamomile and cucumber to take care of the water, and vitamin A or shea butter to moisturize.

  • Products are available in creams or cooling gels. Gels tend to absorb and dry faster than creams.

Be Aware

  • Eye creams are richer than other facial creams, so be sure to only apply to the eye area.

  • More isn’t better: the eye area can only absorb so much. Overuse will waste the rest.


Our testers woke up at the crack of dawn for a couple weeks to test eye de-puffers.

Our test products:
  • Clean & Clear Eye Brightening Cream: $13.50 per 15 ml
  • Origins No Puffery: $25 per 30 ml
  • Estee Lauder Eye Recovery Complex: $74 per 15 ml
  • Kinerase Under Eye Rescue: $94 per 20 ml

(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)

De-puffing Test

We tested the creams on one eye each day and compared it to the other.

  • We saw an ever so slight difference in puffiness with 3 of our 4 products. Nothing to get excited about!

  • The Kinerase went on nicely and didn’t feel heavy on the eye.

  • The Clean & Clear smelled nice and applied well, though had no result.


We decided that eye de-puffing creams aren’t worth the money, and some are quite costly! You’re better off avoiding excessive salty foods or alcohol, and keeping yourself well hydrated.



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