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A more permanent version of fake eyelashes, lash extensions are synthetic hair additions glued to your lash line and should last a few weeks. We find out more and try them on for size to see what all the fuss is about. (And if itís worth it!)

The Basics

  • Individual, synthetic, polyester eyelashes are glued one-by-one to your real eyelashes using a semi-permanent glue

  • Application takes 60 to 90 minutes, and includes an initial consultation to help choose the lashes that best suit your face shape.

  • Extensions typically last 1-4 weeks on first-timers, and 4-6 weeks on regulars, and cost around $60 per application.

  • The synthetic lashes fall out when your real eyelashes fall out.

  • Find a salon that only uses latex-free glue in order to ensure you don’t end up with an allergic reaction.

  • Also make sure your salon is very strict about sterilizing its tools.

Other Considerations

  • Lash extensions require special preparation and maintenance practices in order for you to get the most out of your treatment:

    • Eyes must be completely clean and lashes uncurled on the day of application.

    • Lashes need about 24 hours to set, so avoid getting them wet, and also avoid steam rooms, facials and massages.

    • When you have the extensions on, DO NOT wear mascara, and do not curl your lashes.

    • In general, keep lashes dry and avoid using any oil-based products on your eyes, including make-up removers and eyeliners. If you wear eye make-up, use water-based make-up remover and a Q-tip to remove it.

    • Be careful in the shower and try not to get lashes too wet. If they look tangled or point in weird directions after you get out of the shower, straighten them one-by-one and allow them to dry.

  • According to our experts, your eyelashes may seem to fall out more than usual. This isn’t actually the case. They are falling out like they normally would, but the extensions make them more noticeable. If many fall out, you can go in for a touch-up or have them removed (usually at extra cost).

Test Lab Notes

Anna and two volunteers visited Noir Lash Lounge in Vancouver for their eyelash extension application.


  • After our 1-hour application our lashes were significantly bigger and noticeably longer and more lush.

  • We all agreed our eyes looked pretty amazing. One tester felt her eyes appeared much bigger.

One Week Later

  • Anna, who chose a more glamorous style of lash extension because she is in front of the camera, actually removed her eyelashes within the first 24 hours because she felt they looked overdone for her everyday look.

  • Our other two testers both had many compliments about their lashes and still felt they looked really nice.

  • Both testers, however, felt that the maintenance was somewhat awkward, having to keep lashes dry and avoid oil-based products.

A&K Test Lab Result:

Our testers agreed that they lashes looked great, but they didn’t feel it would be something they’d do for everyday. They would definitely consider lash extensions if they had a special occasion coming up.

Eyelash extensions get the A&K Stamp of Approval for special events.



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