Fall fashion report

Friday, 13 September 2013

It's my favourite time of year to shop. In fact, it's my favourite time of year! September is the time of new beginnings and getting down to business. It's still summer, but the light's beginning to change and the air smells different. Autumn's knocking at the door. And in addition to things like turkey, September makes me think about boots and chunky sweaters. The September issue is always the most extensive in any fashion magazine's year.

So what will you be shopping for this fall?  A scan of my favourite stores reveals we’re back to a lot of trends we’ve seen before.  Surprise surprise.  The good news is the trends that are back are some of best.  
Here’s a list of some of the pieces I think are worth investing in (or pulling out of your storage bin, if you were smart enough to save them):

1.  Military

Girly versions of what can be a severe look are the way to go here.  If you only want to dip your toe into this one, just choose a khaki coloured piece and it’ll become the newest neutral in your closet.  I just picked up pair of R13 camo jeans that are quickly becoming my go-to pant.

Old Navy Women's The Rockstar Zip Pocket Pants - Green camo


2.  Men’s prints  

Houndstooth goes with almost anything and will put an extra I-mean-business kick in your step as you march into the office or classroom.  And why stop there?  Tweed, plaid, and argyle are all there for the taking.

Banana Republic Houndstooth Two Button Blazer - Black/white


3.  Coats  

It’s a good time to be in the market for a cool coat.  A lot of styles are oversized and apparently even capes are back!  Do consider what you’ll be wearing underneath before buying.

4.  Leather  

Did it ever go out of style?  Not in my books.  I’m so glad I invested in leather pants a couple of years ago.  This year I’ll be picking up a black leather mini. Banana Republic’s version is at the top of my list. (It’s a peplum style, which is also still hot.)

Banana Republic Faux Leather Trim City Tee - Warm grey


5.  Over the knee boots 

Yay!  Boots are my favourite fashion statement and I wear them every chance I get.  They look good on everyone.  Last spring I received a pair of Ferragamo suede boots as a very special gift.  They are so precious I practically keep them under lock and key.  I’ll be wearing them every day it isn’t raining between now and next summer.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Mikalo Flat Over the Knee Boots



6. Romantic accessories

Specifically pearls, gold and hearts.  I’m lusting after the classic gold heart locket from Tiffany’s that Kate Upton wears in the current Elle magazine.  I’m working on a justification for that one.
What are you looking forward to wearing this fall season?
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