Fashion Runners

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Fashion runners have the urbanized style of an athletic shoe, but donít necessarily have the same technical aspects and support. Itís all about the casual look. We try some on for size to see which fare best for comfort.

The Basics

  • Natural linings like leather are more breathable, whereas synthetic linings (often made from polyurethane (PU), a form of rubber) tend to get smelly after a while.

  • When trying shoes on, make sure they fit properly and that the collar of the shoe won’t rub on your ankle.

  • Consider these fashion runner dressing tips to take your casual wardrobe to new levels:

    • An open back runner can complement a flowy skirt.

    • Try a black pair with a cute black skirt.

    • Choose a fancier fabric if you want to dress things up a bit.

    • If wearing the classic white runner with jeans, choose a lighter denim to avoid a startling contrast.

Other Considerations

  • If you have wide or exceptionally narrow feet, runners with elastic straps and a Velcro closure may give you a better fit.

  • For added ventilation, especially in the heat, consider mesh fabric.

  • Leather uppers are the most durable and easiest to keep clean.

  • Suede can look good but doesn’t hold up very well. You can try to rejuvenate with a suede brush or an emery board.


We wanted to see if these fashion runners were comfortable and fashionable enough for a New York shopping spree: 

  • Adidas (leather/lace up): $100
  • Converse (leather/lace up): $110
  • Puma (mesh/Velcro closure): $100
  • Diesel (leather/suede/mesh): $160

Our tests and results include:

Comfort Test

We realize everyone’s feet are shaped different, so our results varied:

  • Anna found the Diesels too wide for her feet.

  • The Converse seemed to come up high and really rubbed Kristina’s ankle the wrong way.

  • Kristina’s liked the Adidas because they were easy to keep clean and made of durable leather.

  • Our podiatrist chose the Adidas for their superior construction.

  • The fashion-forward looks and ventilated mesh for cool comfort made the Puma Anna’s pick.


Since no two feet are the same, we were split on a decision. If you plan to do a lot of walking in your fashion runners, you’ll want to choose a shoe with good support, as well as good looks.

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