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Celebrities on the red carpet look picture perfect, but we know they don't start out that way. To find out how they do it, we talked to Kathi Moore, a personal stylist and costume designer for film and red carpet events. She shares with us the secrets of her wardrobe kit...

Kathi Moore’s Wardrobe Emergency Kit

1. Spanx

There’s not one woman on the red carpet who isn’t wearing Spanx. They smooth you down, locking and loading everything to give you that sleek, sexy silhouette.

             Bare Necessities

2. Tide-to-Go Stick

Pen marks, make-up marks, whatever small accidents that happen on the way to the event, the Tide stick takes care of it. (Of course, test on an inconspicuous part of your outfit first.)

3. Panty Liners

Besides the obvious, panty liners are a great way to get a snugger fitting shoe when they’re just a little too big. Just press the sticky side to the inside sole. They also help absorb moisture so your feet don’t get sweaty, and provide great padding!

4. Dryer Sheets

Place in your boots or shoes after you’ve worn them. The next time you put them on, they smell fresh!

Rub dryer sheets on clothes or hair to reduce static cling.

5. Nipple covers

If you’re in a chilly situation and are wearing a top or dress in a delicate fabric, stick on a nipple cover to keep your breast business to yourself.

The budget option for nipple covers: regular old bandaids. Make sure they’re the no-pain kind!

6. Top Stick

This is a handy piece of double-sided adhesive tape that you can stick to your clothes and skin to keep your fabric in place, thereby avoiding embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Also works great to keep bra straps from peeping out, and can even help hold up a fallen hemline or put an end to peek-a-boo blouse buttons.

7. Needle & Thread

You can often find travel-size kits that are packed in a little box or carry case with a small range of thread colours. Great for emergency hemline stitch-ups and lost buttons!

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