Faux Fur

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

These days, the use of real fur has fallen out of favour due to political views and expense. The look of fur, however, is still quite trendy both for warmth and detail. A cosy look is easy to achieve with ultra-fashionable faux fur.


  • Faux fur is manufactured using man-made fibres such as acrylic, modacrylic, polyester or a combination.

  • Faux fur won’t keep you as warm as the real thing, but it can vary based on quality.

  • Blow on the fur before you buy – if you can easily see the backing, then it won’t provide much warmth.

  • Gently tug on the fibres to see if they come out. If they do, they’ll probably continue shedding – all over you.

  • Acrylic is a more durable material, especially against the elements. Modacrylic is much softer but doesn’t hold up as well.

  • Check out the seams inside the jacket, especially the arms. A thicker seam that sticks out may prove uncomfortable.

  • If you’re looking at a jacket that closes with a zipper, make sure you test it out to see if it operates smoothly without the fur getting caught.

  • Consider faux fur for more than just clothing. Other uses include pillows, blankets and other home décor.


We put three different faux fur jackets to the test to pick a winner for fashion and warmth.

  • Le Chateau (acrylic mink-like bomber jacket): $98
  • Nine West (modacrylic hooded jacket): $178
  • Miss Sixty (acrylic-polyester blend, reversible: $499

Our specific tests and results include:

Warmth Test

We took our jackets to an ice rink to see how warm they’d keep us.

  • The Nine West jacket was marginally warmer, but they all did a good job.

Fashion Test

  • Kristina preferred the Le Chateau jacket – it looked good and the price was right. And when you’re talking about something trendy that may be out next season, you don’t want to spend too much.

  • Anna liked the Le Chateau jacket as well, but she ended up ultimately choosing the Nine West jacket.

  • The reversible Miss Sixty was really soft, but the style just didn’t work for The Shopping Bags.


When you’re talking about something trendy that may be out of style next season, you don’t want to spend too much. Balance looks with price and function so you aren’t left out in the cold!


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