Fave Moments of the Summer

Thursday, 4 September 2014 | Tags: , , , ,

As the sun sets on Summer 2014 I’m looking back on a season of exceptional weather, new horizons and overall hilarity. I went exploring, saw live music, hung out on the water, cooked and ate and drank. For me the new year really begins after Labour Day. I hope yours is off to a smashing start.

See some of my summer highlights below!

And send us your best memories of the summer! Nothing helps the good times last like sharing stories of summer.






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  • MacDonald Carolyn

    BERMUDA…. can’t say enough about this beautiful island. I’ve been there in February and it can be on the cool side…70′ F but for walking the Bermuda Railway Trail, the temperature is perfect. In the summer the busiest time is when their national game of cricket is played but well worth the time to see as all Bermudians are on holidays. The beaches are smaller but not all crowded as there are so many to go to. Snorkelling a must. We stayed at a B&B close to Hamilton on Pitts Bay Road and would recommend it as the location is within walking distance of grocery/liquor/bars/shopping/bus and ferry locations.