Getting out of a rut

Monday, 30 September 2013

Crisp autumn days…falling leaves…a bite in the air. Blah blah blah. I’m not really a fallophile.* The darkening days and increasing downpours can get me into a funk.

Evenings, I tend hide away in my TV bunker, immersed in endless hours of Nashville, Scandal, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Castle, Chicago Fire, Grey’s Anatomy… You get the picture.

Beyond the odd movie or dinner with friends, I start to wonder: there has to be more to life than this, right?

That’s when I decide it is time get out of my rut and do something new. Create rememberies, to quote my friend Lauren. I find that even making one small change, doing that one new thing, can have a positive impact on my mood and entire outlook.

Here are a few ways I use to get out of my funk:

Take a class

And I don’t mean advanced astro-physics. Even a new exercise class at the community centre can mix things up. In the spring, I took archery lessons. Just four classes, but it took me out of my comfort zone and it was a lot of fun. I just tried a pilates class and I’m going to try a Tabata circuit class too. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Go to a live event

As per above, my go-to entertainment is usually TV shows and movies. But recently I’ve been going to see various talks, Fringe festival plays and the like. And the best part is, these sorts of things don’t have to be expensive. It makes me realize how much is going on in my town and that I need to take advantage of it.


Cooking also works, but I like to bake cookies and muffins when I need cheering up. (There’s a reason why the scent of freshly baked cookies helps sell houses.) This type of baking is usually foolproof. One note, don’t eat it all. That will just make you more depressed. Give some away, and then you can tap into the whole “making other people happy makes you happy” thing. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try making candy. It’s humbling.


Being organized can give you a sense of control, not just over your belongings, but over our life too. (It may be a false sense of control, but I embrace it!) Even if it’s just a drawer, clean it out. I like to tackle my closets this time of year. The garage is also on the list for next weekend.

Take a walk

My dog gets me out of the house every day, rain or shine. And while I dread heading out in a downpour, I find that each and every time I get out there, my spirits are lifted. Getting a dog helps too, but I know not everyone can do that.

Say Yes

In funkdom, it’s easiest to say no. Vow to say yes this week. To that coffee with friends, that networking event, Friday drinks with colleagues. You never know where it may lead. I recently had coffee with a woman I met through a fundraising event and I learned that she volunteered with animals abroad. It was inspiring. (More on this to come.)

Got any “get out of a rut” tips? I’d love to hear them. I need to make it all the way through until spring.


*Yes, a made up word and this blog is full of them. I’m taking the opportunity to suggest that the plural of incidences should be incidy (rhymes with multiply.) Would be a lot easier to say.



Top photo: TheDarkThing/flickr

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  • mike simpson

    Excellent advice , and I appreciate it .
    Although I find it a little strange that when considered your achievements , let alone the body of work created buy you two , that you would find yourself in any sort of a rut . (Or be it for lack of “things to Write”)
    At anytime I’ve felt , well let’s say not at my best , I watch any shows you guys are involved with and I feel , …..Well ,… better !
    Let me explain .
    Kristina; Reminds me of the best bartender I’ve ever known , so down to earth and Helped me through the toughest time in my life , Went shopping with me for the kids at Christmas my first year without them and Showed me you were not All Evil . In hindsight , I should of married her .
    Anna; Reminds me of the girl I married , Like literally the girl I ended up marrying . (High Maintenance anybody) . But still fascinating to watch . When she cries out something along the line of “Help Me” I still feel somewhat responsible to do so . (Funny and sad really). But like I would crawl through broken glass , gasoline , and then fire to protect . (Mother of my children) .
    So I guess what I’m trying to say is Fall is all about Re birth , not right now ! But very , very soon ,
    And there’s a brand new Kristina .

  • Sue

    You’ve listed some great ideas! When winter comes I want to hibernate! Saying Yes allows you to meet interesting people, which ends up giving you blog ideas!

    Byron Katie talks about how stressful it is to want reality to be different. I realized that living in a temperate rainforest (ie Vancouver) and wanting it not to rain – is wanting reality to be different! lol

    When we have 3-4 days of constant grey skies and rain with no sunny breaks, I pull out my LiteBox and get a little ‘sun’ in the morning. When we do have a sunny break or day – I go out and enjoy it!

    A mini-vacation to a sunny place is nice during the winter as well.

    Since umbrellas are somewhat useless to use in rainy with gusty wind weather, being waterproof from head to toe (boots, pants and jacket with hood) would make going outside more fun! You stay dry but get the exhilaration of being outside in the wind.