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Saturday, 13 February 2010 | Tags: , , , , , ,

The 21st Olympic Winter Games are in full swing here in beautiful Vancouver. In my 20+ years living here, I have never seen such excitement in this otherwise sleepy city. And I'm happy to be a part of it...

Everything looks all clean and shiny, and while the traffic closures are a hassle, I am indeed happy for the new public transit system and expanded highway between Vancouver and Whistler.  

Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies. The photo doesn’t do it justice!

I’m not sure what we’ll do with a couple of buildings that have been put up with apparently no other purpose beyond the games, but overall I think the legacy will be a positive one. VANOC is promising to finish the games in the black.

I attended the opening ceremonies last night. There were a couple of glitches, like the final flame not lighting properly, but overall it was a spectacular show that made me proud.
KD Lang stole the show, as did the aboriginal dancers.And Sarah McLachlan brought a tear to my eye with her angelic voice that makes me believe there is a heaven.
Today the Men’s Downhill is set to go in Whistler, but alas, it appears to have been postponed due to last night’s rain.

Vancouver – Whistler 2010: Men’s downhill – wet and foggy

I’m looking forward to attending lots of events in Vancouver as the world spotlight is centred here for the next two weeks. 

Olympic Hockey: Canada vs. Norway!


Enjoying Olympic 2010 Festivities in Whistler


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