Grey Days

Monday, 24 August 2009 | Tags: , , , , , ,

Even though the skies are still bright and sunny, a grey cloud hangs in my closet as I realize I've been indulging a new fetish lately...

I’m completely obsessed with all things GREY. Not the Zane, Meredith, Dorian and Lady Jane kind of grey, though they’re all interesting in their own right…

I’m talking about clothing.

It’s a big colour for Fall and I’m totally leading the charge. I own one pair of grey jeans, grey booties, grey sandals, 2 grey dresses, a bunch of grey t-shirts, tops, shirts and sweaters, 2 grey jackets, grey wool pants, grey shorts, grey sweatpants and sweatshirt, skirts with grey in them, grey under-things (yes, they were grey to begin with)…

And this is just a list of things I consider grey. There are some pieces that I call taupe, but this may be a case of tomato versus to-mah-to, and depending on how much Grey Goose you’ve had to drink.

What about silver, you ask? Let’s leave well enough alone.

The sad news is, I’m not done yet. I have my eye on a grey handbag and a grey skirt too (you’ll notice those are missing from my inventory.)

A grey bathing-suit might be nice. Perhaps some grey pumps? A leather jacket??

When the new Fall greys rev up those little grey cells in my head, I realize that I used to think I couldn’t wear grey; that it made me look too wan and sickly. Make-up Kristina, make-up! I’ve now learned there’s no pallor a little blush can’t enliven.

The beauty of grey is that it’s so easy to wear, for both men and women. Most greys go with other greys, not to mention black and white. Plus, it’s a great neutral for brights, like pink, blue or green.

I’m not sold on the grey-brown combo, though. That’s a bit of a muddy-grey area if you ask me.

Phew, I’m glad I fessed up to that addiction, especially before the grey goo hits. That’s when nanotechnology robots take over the world and cause the end of the civilization as we know it. (I kid you not, it’s a real term!)

What are your thoughts on grey? Is it the new black, like my fetish has me preaching? Or maybe you’ve got a special colour you’re particularly addicted to. Do share! It’s quite therapeutic.


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