Grocery Bag FAQ: What happens to all the leftover food?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 | Tags: , , , , , , ,

On our series Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag, we often end up with a lot of extra food after doing the taste test with our guest chef. The burning question: what do we do with it all?


We were full of chocolatey goodness for the taste test of Absolutely Chocolate with Chef Bruno Feldeisen. Those leftovers disappeared quickly!


The orange loaf got a bit burnt, but it still tasted pretty good for our taste test of Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes with Chef Jeremy Charles. Anyone for lima bean loaf leftovers?


We’re all ears for some cooking advice from guest chef Park Heffelfinger after taste testing Trisha Yearwod’s Home Cooking.  Who doesn’t like red velvet cake and waffle leftovers?


And we’re joking! The Grocery Bag crew really does get fed (luckily by someone else) during the day.

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  • poet1369

    send some my way?

  • Karen Leeann

    since most recipes you test are average portions,used to feed 4-6 people,I honestly cant see a whole load being left over when 3 portions are used to sample. Except for the episode where you cooked the cowboy recipes..yikes, now that was alot of food.

    • Anna & Kristina

      Hi Karen, yes there was a lot of food for the Cowboy in the Kitchen episode. But chef had seconds and all the ranch hands came and ate everything else right up!! When we’re taste testing in our usual kitchen, we usually don’t eat the full portions (unless it’s really yummy!) Sometimes, like with the ketchup-covered halibut from Bite Me, or the large Neptune Nonsense casserole from Specialites de la Maison, it’s really difficult to find takers. 😉