Hair Smoothers

Tuesday, 23 March 2004 | Tags: , , , ,

If you suffer from frizzy or dull hair, you may be looking to add a de-frizz product to your arsenal of coif tools. Here's what we've learned about hair smoothers.

The Basics

  • Hair polish or smoother is meant to serve as a sealant or barrier against the elements to prevent frizzy hair, and also to add a smooth sheen

  • If you have oily or fine hair, look for a lighter product like a spray or a light cream. These commonly come in a pump spritzer or aerosol spray.

  • If you have thicker, coarser, curly or wavy hair that may be dry or over-processed, look for a serum or heavier cream, which are usually a pump or dropper bottle.

  • If you have dry and over-processed hair, avoid products containing alcohol as it will be more drying.

  • Emollients (e.g. silicone, dimethicone, cyclomethicone and phenyltrimethicone) are important in hair smoothing products. They:

    • are the waxy lubricating agents that coat your hair, giving it that sheen, gloss and overall smoothness.

    • act as a sealant or a barrier to prevent moisture from undoing all the work you put into your hair to make it look marvelous.


For thicker, wavier hair, our testers preferred the heavier serum products like the Aveda Light for its consistency. For finer hair, our testers felt the lightest product was Dove’s Smooth & Soft cream.



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