Halloween Roundup

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Just three more sleeps til fright night! Are you ready?! For those doing the last minute scramble, here are a few of my favourite AND EASY Halloween ideas.


First up, Halloween’s most angst-inducing question: What are you going to dress up as?!? I like costumes of the homemade variety.  Last year I went as a nerdy schoolgirl (see above.) The year before, Mary-Ann from Gilligan’s Island.  Some other “feasy” (fun and easy) ideas:

Angelina’s wedding dress. (I loved the idea for real life too!)


A Fork in the Road.  The very definition of feasy, not to mention super clever.  Be sure to check out the rest of Real Simple’s list for inspiration or at least a good chuckle.


If you’re handy with a makeup brush, I love the Day of the Dead look, well-executed here by my friend (and cousin-in-law to be) Carola.


And when all else fails, there’s this idea (and more) from Buzzfeed:

photo 2



No time to carve a pumpkin?  Vancouverites can grab one of these from Urban Fare.  Talk about Frankenfoods.

pumpkinsteinPhoto: Word of Mouth, Vancouver Sun 

If you’re planning on hosting your own scary soiree, there’s no better place to get ideas than Pinterest.  Type in Halloween and you’ll be blown away by people’s creativity.  If you’re as skilled in the kitchen as I am (meaning, not very) you might want to keep it simple.  How feasy and adorable are these witch broom sticks?

photo 2Photo: Couponingtodisney.com

There is no shortage of creative cocktail suggestions, like the Bloody Orange Cocktail below, perfect for those who need a boozy injection to calm spooked nerves.


I like the idea of taking a traditional recipe and making it gross, like these Deviled Egg Eyeballs.  Here are some more gruesome appetizer ideas.



No parties planned? Get into the Halloween spirit by staying home and freaking yourself out.   Here’s Entertainment Weekly’s list of 20 of the scariest movies ever made. (I’m still not over Rosemary’s Baby which I definitely watched WAY too young.)


Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Halloween safety.  I like this idea from Canadian Living, of giving your kids a phone with a tracking app and also downloading noise-making and illuminating apps to help them  navigate those haunted houses.  (There are lots to choose from at the App store.)

I can count on Ruby to have a very freaky Friday.  She hates loud noises of any kind and fireworks take her over the edge.  Here are some valuable tips for keeping your pets safe this Halloween.  One key thing I learned, avoid consoling a frightened pet, thereby playing into their belief that something is wrong. Instead, try to act as natural as possible.

Happy Halloween every one!

photo 3

Above photo wasn’t a real costume, but a photoshopped image, sent to me as a joke from an old friend. Thanks Brian! 

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