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Sunday, 14 May 2000

Shopping Bag Laura W. raves about her favourite online drugstore (and so much more)...

Online shopping at its best!
With free shipping and a wide variety of drug store supplies, Well.ca has got it right! In Canada, we are limited a small number of merchants that offer online shopping, let alone free shipping. It's nice that a Canadian company has taken this initiative. Living in a small town with only one high-priced drug store, I tend to comb the web for other cheaper solutions. Coming upon Well.ca was a lifesaver. I pick my items, quickly check out and my items are at my door within a week. Even if I only need one or two items I'm not even concerned as the shippings free! As an added bonus, ocassionally I receive a few free samples within my shipment. Thank you, Well.ca, for making things easier for us Canadians!Note from A&K: Laura, we totally agree! Love Well.ca, great customer service, super selection (and it's getting bigger every day). Thumbs up!


Well.ca - Canada's online drugstore



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