How to Get Dream Skin (temporarily)

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I am a self confessed product junkie. In the olden days of my youth (the eighties) it was the quest to find the perfect shade of lilac for my nails, lips or lashes (I had a phase, I'll admit). But as I age it's less about makeup and more about skin.

To be precise, I’m on a never ending search for products that will help fade some of the signs of time; in my case sun spots, uneven tone and dryness. We all have our issues.

And in this area products can be divided into two categories: those that may actually diminish the problems  – like lasers, retinol creams and serums – and those that temporarily cover them up, which is essentially makeup. But it’s makeup designed to make you look like you’re not wearing any makeup. And nowadays that’s my kind of makeup.

So it was with great interest that I read Tatler magazine’s annual list of best makeup and skin care products (March 2014 issue), and let me just say, I am fully aware that magazines depend on advertisers and that most “best of” lists cannot be depended upon to be honestly or thoroughly tested or reported. Further, due to the extensive product testing I have done I know I should be skeptical. Yet I still find myself hoping for a miracle and getting sucked in. My bathroom is littered with half empty and barely used promises in tubes and jars. Can you relate?

One if the most highly touted products on Tatler’s list was a new one from Dior, called Capture Totale Dream Skin. It promises to mask all sorts of sins, like too much time in the sun and too few hours of sleep. Based on the way the rave review I just had to see for myself.

Being new and very well promoted it took months to find, but I finally stumbled across a single bottle in a duty free shop on my way to Europe. I was so excited I didn’t even check the price.

$103!  And that was minus the duty!  For a one ounce bottle?!  I was so mad at myself for buying into what was sure to be a disappointment that I shoved it in the bottom of my bag and scolded myself for days before finally breaking the seal. Dior makes fancy clothes. What do they know about makeup anyway?

Dream Skin works like both a pour minimizer and a light refracting product. Regardless of how it’s marketed, be clear that this is make up and not, in my opinion, a skin CARE product. But I am thrilled to report that when used in combination with your favourite BB cream (YSL and Garnier are my current top two picks) the results are undeniably good. My skin tone looks totally even. And every time I’ve used it someone has commented on my skin.

Given the price tag I will be saving it for special occasions, but if you’ve got one coming up – it is wedding season after all – I can promise you that if your skin is anything like mine, Dream Skin will deliver just that.

Until you wash it off that is. At that point don’t forget to use your skin care products: Vitamin C serum and a good SPF during the day and retinol and moisturizer at night.

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  • Sue

    Thank you so very much for this pot! You are so spot on as well for your Retinol and moisturizer at night and vitamin C with sunscreen during the day. I wanted you and Kristina to know how very much I miss your show on OWN. When are your shows going to start airing again in the US?

  • MacDonald Carolyn

    Would of loved to of tried the free products you recommended but only available in the US, ex. YSL products