I Heart Vancouver

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A few days ago I started to think about how lucky I am that my parents decided to immigrate here some four decades ago. Thanks mom and dad! They gave me a life of opportunity that I likely wouldn't not have had back in Croatia.

In preparation for Canada’s birthday, I gave myself the challenge of trying to document a few of the things that I love about my city.  But as I raced around iPhone in hand, I realized that with every photo I took, there were hundreds more I was missing.  How could I ever fully express the beauty and diversity of this place?   Impossible.  So here’s a snapshot of my Vancouver.  #Nofilter except my own. 


Sometimes it rains here 


photo 3

 My neighbourhood haunt and in my mind, some of the best coffee in the city 


photo 4

 View from the Burrard Bridge (I won’t show you a view of the bridge which is undergoing nasty construction and making commuters very frustrated)


photo 9

 Olympic cauldron and best restaurant view in town. Try the Bandara salad 


photo 5

 Sign of the times. When you come for a visit, do not ask about the bike lanes. JUST. DON’T. 


photo 8

Want to fit in here? Get a cool bike 


photo 4

Cool blue pointy thing  


photo 10

 The locals. Don’t pick a fight with them. They can be nasty. 


photo 11

My morning run. (No, not really.)


photo 5

 Where I do some of my best work 


photo 1

My dog walker 


photo 2

My pal and I enjoying a view of the city 

If you haven’t been here before, I suggest you come visit. It truly is one of the most beautiful cities on earth.  



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  • nunnyabiz86

    Great shots of our amazing city! Proud to call this city my home also.

  • mike simpson

    I think the best part of Vancouver is your in it. Makes the rainy part a little more tolerable.
    Nice pictures. Dogs adorable.

  • Anna Wallner

    My favourite part of Vancouver? The road to Whistler, our new food truck culture and the air. Wish I could take it with me when I leave. (notice how I didn’t mention bike lanes?)