Ice Cream Scoops

Monday, 31 March 2008

For the perfect ice cream cone, you need to employ a good ice cream scoop. We find out which can spoon out a winning sundae.


The Basics

  • The most common scoop materials are aluminum, plastic and stainless steel.

  • Hold it in your hand to feel how comfortable (or uncomfortable) it may be to use. Pay special attention to whether the handle has a good grip and feels comfortable in your hand.

  • Levered scoops might seem helpful at getting the ice cream out, but they often tend to stick. They’re also usually made for right-handed people.


We took over a gelato parlour and tested these scoops while serving a big line-up of demanding kids.

Scoop Test

  • The Al de Chef, OXO and Hoffritz levered scoops got stuck quite often and didn’t always dispense a perfect scoop.

  • The Good Cook plastic scoop had a winning shape and design, but the ice cream just didn’t come out and we were left with a gooey mess.

  • The Zeroll has self-defrosting fluid in the handle, which helped keep the ice cream from sticking.


The Zeroll (aluminum, self-defrosting) is the type the pros use and was by far the best scoop.


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