I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

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And I can hardly wait! Iím heading off on a much-deserved vacation (at least I think itís much-deserved) to Rome and then Croatia. Iíve been preparing for it for weeks, booking flights and hotels online, reading guidebooks, mining restaurant recommendations from friends and most importantly, perfecting my packing.

The truth about me and packing

As those who know me well can attest, I’m a bit of a crazy packer. Maybe crazy isn’t the right description. Let’s go with totally over-the-top obsessive. I’m not one of those laissez-faire people who throws everything into a bag two hours before the flight. I actually start laying everything out a week before I go.

Rome is on the itinerary!

Okay, I’m lying. I actually had everything (including all my favourite outfits) in the suitcase a week ago. In fact, I was about to start packing two weeks prior, but even I had to admit that was over-the-top. Plus, what was I going to wear in the meantime? (Now do you believe me that the vacation is well-deserved?)

I’m fixated on having just the right amount of stuff: not too much and not too little. My boyfriend saw my small, ¾-full suitcase and asked if that was all I was taking. Mission accomplished! He’s does the polar opposite: stuffs everything he owns into a suitcase at the last minute, citing the need for options.

You can (and should) take it with you

Equally important to the economically-packed suitcase is the smartly-stuffed carry-on. In addition to the obvious, like my passport, wallet, reading material, etc., there are a few things I don’t board a plane without:

  • A large shawl or pashmina for when those airline-issued blankets leave you cold;

  • Hand cream. I love L’Occitane’s travel size hand lotion.

  • Lip balm to keep your pucker from drying out in the recycled air

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste. Travel sizes of course.

  • A sleeping mask and ear plugs. These are key for getting shut-eye on long flights. Without them, it’s too loud and too distracting. They help immensely.

  • My own headset or ear buds (why pay $3 for something we all have at home?)

  • A delicious, packed lunch. I need something to look forward to.

  • A change of clothes. I have temporarily lost my suitcase more times than I care to remember. Now, on international journeys, I always carry at least something to help me freshen up at the other end.

  • Chocolate. To keep my strength up in the middle of movie #3.

  • Socks. Even if I’m wearing sandals. The air on the floor of the plane is always freezing.

  • All your travel information, for hotels, cars etc. Don’t leave this in your suitcase in case it never arrives.

Oh wait! I haven’t finished packing my carry-on yet and the plane is leaving in three days. Gotta run!

Croatia has gorgeous beaches




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